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Price check on ZZR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Technik, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Finally got my L permit a month ago and now looking for my first learner bike.

    I was at my local Kawasaki dealer today, saw a used '02 model ZZR250 with 17,000km onboard, beautiful conditions, hardly any scratches. Asking $5,000 with 3 months warranty - does it sound reasonable?

    Conversely for an extra $1k, I could have bought a brand new '07 GPX with 24 mths warranty - essentially the same spec with smaller wheels and without full fairing.

    What are your thoughts? A brand new GPX or a used ZZR?

    My budget is around $8k including proper gears - helmet, jacket, gloves etc.
  2. Based on the usual questions about condition of the bike, Which you have prtetty much answered, the ZZR price is in the right ballpark (talk it down of course) As to GPX vs ZZR they are the same mechanics but they do handle differently. test ride and decide on your personal preference.
    Goes without saying that if you can source a ZZR privately you will pay less
  3. I paid $5100 for my mid 2005 ZZR250 with 8000k's. Still has factory warranty for 6 months. The price I paid may be lower than average as it has evidence of fairing repair so is not purrfect.. I have never purchased new, but thats just me. Some like the peace of mind but I know I can fix almost anything and only 18months old should not have problems.
    If you like the way the GPX looks, go for it, as it is the same bike underneath.
  4. I got my 02 zzr with 18300kms, perfect condition and maintenance. $5000 with 3 months warranty, and all fresh consumables (oils, coolants, etc.) from action in parramatta.

    But you're right $1000 more for a brand new gpx is appealing. Remember you dont need to spend $8000 for a bike, gear, rego etc. just dont need that much. If you think you'll keep the bike for years as its just for commuting / know you won't want more power then I'd go the new. But personally I was concerned I'd get bored with a 250 as everyone else said I would. They happened to be right. Don't get me wrong zzr is great, still with lots of zip. But I do fancy a shiny blue zx6r. IMO Karl was very lucky at that price.

    Also, if they are asking for 5000, they will easily go under, get them down as much as you can. Don't forget you can use buying gear from them as a way to barter as well. Talk to me on msn if you like.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm inclined to get the GPX afterall...

    The fact is I'm gonna keep this bike for a while, as my partner just got her L-permit as well!! :grin: She doesn't mind riding a 250cc as she is not a huge fan of motorcycle, bascially just want something for commuting on the weekend.

    Once I have enough riding experience, I should be able to get something better - a ER-6 or ZX-R perhaps!! :cool:
  6. Good stuff. The new gpxs are pretty hot. Especially the black ones with red flames. Good for commuting too. Let your partner have the gpx when you become unrestricted and get a zx6r :cool:
  7. Hi mate,

    Im in the same boat as you at the moment, looking around at the GPX 250 and ZZR 250, Im planning to buy early March 07,

    I have seen the GPX's advertised new at $5990 and it seems like a pretty good deal, but then I look at the ZZR and it looks a tad nicer,

    ...Also are the GPX & ZZR similar in Fuel Consumption and KM's from a tank?
  8. The two bikes are virtually identical apart from the fairings and perhaps the wheel size(?).
  9. Yep, GPX and ZZR are essentially the same bike - just bigger fairing and larger wheels. I've test rode a ZZR last weekend, couldn't really feel the difference. (cf with the GPX)

    I'll be getting a '07 GPX in the next couple of weeks, I was quoted for around $6750 on road (rideaway). Does it sound reasonable?
  10. Hey Technik, every bike you have mentioned so far has been a Kawasaki .. you are obviously a man of discerningly good taste, and unquestionable character. Welcome to Klub Kwaka ...

    p.s. my advice is the zzr, I have owned two zzr's and ridden a gpx, I believe the zzr handles and corners better and has the advantage of not looking too much like a 2fiddy
  11. Nobby is right, th ZZR is more stable than the GPX. They have the same mechanical setup but they are different frames, not just fairings.
  12. yeah man, Kawasaki rocks! :grin:

    I'm still keeping my options open, been shopping for a 2nd hand ZZR for a while but most of them are quite pricey - around $5k for a 2001/02 model. :mad:
  13. How exactly does the ZZR corner and handle better?
  14. different frame/wheels..

    is the suspension and gearing (sprockets) different?

    people say they are essentially the same... isn't it just the motor and box that is??

    i believe they have different carbies also.
  15. The frame and fairing are different, but apart from that they're identical. I will say though that I wouldn't suggest a gpx for anyone 6ft/+.

    You can do better than 6700 though. I had a guy in qld from team moto calling me every day trying to sell me a new gpx for 6300 and kept asking 'what price do i need to go for you to want it'. I could have easily got it for 6000 no question (and thats with delivery to front door). But I had my heart set on 2nd hand.
  16. Hey Phizog - good to meet another Silver & White '02 ZZR rider. :applause: We bought mine recently, $5600 with only 7000kms on the clock. Fully maintained and in beautiful condition.

    GPX and ZZR definitely NOT the same bike. I chose the ZZR not just because I like the look of it, but based on sitting on both and deciding which was the most comfortable riding position for

    Learnt to ride on a Honda CB250, which is a great little bike to learn on, but frankly find the ZZR a more comfortable bike to ride.

    Good luck with it :grin: