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Price Check on GPX250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by L0Ki, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Ive got the oppurtunity to buy a 1998 GPX250.

    The problem is it's abit cosmetically challenged. For starters it has a few scratches on the fairings, on the RHS has had some Plastex welding done to it without being snaded/painted, both the exhausts are scratched and there's a ding in the right side of the tank.

    It has approx 59000kms and rego till August 2008.

    Also comes with a spare 1989 GPX250 for parts. (no front fairings or front lights and engine is stuffed but other than that its a rolling bike.)

    Is there anything major i should check on the bike?

    So what do you guys think this bundle is worth?


    P.S: If the guy who's selling is on here dont be scared off by this thread, I'm just doing a bit of research. :grin:

  2. for comparisions, my mate just brought a 88 gpx 70,000kms repairs on the fairing everywhere,no dints in tank, minimal scratches on the exhausts with 12mths reg for 1900. sounds like the one your looking at shouldn't be over 2000-2200.
  3. Not a cent more than $1500
  4. Ok so he got back to me with the bad news that the output shaft? seal id leaking and the engine can't be started until its fixed. My questions are: Is this hard to replace?
    I dont need any special machinery or anything?
    Is the part easily available and from where?
    And what price should i accept now...I'd rather not steer clear of it just yet because if its not that hard to replace i could do that aswell as a major service on the bike while im at it and have the fairings off.

    Thanks again.

    P.S: Im not mechanically challenged, i have rebuilt a few engines etc before so I'm not gonna stuff it up if you can do it at home with normal tools.
  5. Sounds like a pain in arse.

    I'm no expert but the main value of a GPX if you split it into parts would be the fairings, exhausts, tank (discounting a low wear engine).

    On a used one, extra value would be contained in the rego, any recent service and the condition of the tyres, chain and sprocket.

    Not sure how much value you'd be getting out of the bike when it's not in running order unless you get it for a good price and you're mchanically inclined.
  6. Id be going elswhere unless he practicly gives it away.
  7. pass on that one
    dont let it become your problem
  8. I bought the bike today! Woot!

    Pretty excited. Can't ride it until Monday though when i get the new seal.

    I thought it was a steal at $500.
  9. If buy output shjaft seal u mean the gearbox seel
    then its an easy fix and a 20$ part
  10. Well $500 is pretty good!
  11. The seal behind the Front sproket. I already have one on order and should be in by Monday at Team moto Parra. Cost the huge total of $10.20

    Yea I'm pretty ahppy with the bike. It starts and idles fine but i didnt really ride it. Just a little role in first to test the clutch.