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Price check on '07 GPX250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Whiteyy, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey

    I'm looking at some '07 GPX250's around my area and there are some pretty decent looking ones, but they want $4000 (negotiable). Is this a typical price point?
  2. I sold one in 2008 with 10k kms for $4350.

    Depending where you are, i would suggest that $4k is pretty high. For that price i would look for the newer model kawa.
  3. Yeah those seem to be going for about 5k, i'm in eastern Melbourne by the way.
  4. I'd shop for the GPX more on km and condition than year, within reason. They were made for a long time. That way you get more choice and usually lower prices on the older ones. For example, there's a '91 on Bikesales in Bendigo for $1400 with 21 000km.

    There's a few others as well that are more recent and asking less than $4000, but selling prices are another matter, so if you really want a particularly good one that's not too old.

    I'd do the rounds and offer 3-3.5 grand, depending on the bike, until someone takes it. You could spend even less and still get a decent one.

    Maybe best to make a few offers pretty soon and take the best of the ones that come back (not outright price, but relative to the particular bike). Spring is close, so a fair few buyers will be coming out of hibernation and competing for the good deals.
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  5. Good advice, thank you.
  6. im in qld and bout same price up here
  7. yeah, alarm bells...

    10km in total. 5 grand. The seller has no previous sales on ebay.


    Run fast.
  8. Yeah, I asked about that and he said

    "Hi, are you in Melbourne? If so you can come round and take a look at the
    bike, I am in South Melbourne. Also, if you want me to take any further
    photos of the bike I can, I could also show you a picture of the contract
    of sale from when I bought the bike, and a picture of the registration
    details of the bike (although note that the bike will be sold without
  9. On second thought I cancelled the inspection I planned for that bike, looks like bad news.
  10. 12 years ago I bought a 4 year old GPX with <5000km for more than that.

    You guys have if fuggin good I tells ya!
  11. Apologies for the thread-jack, but does this look legit?


    I spotted it on the train back home tonight, and there was only about 30 minutes left. Obviously not enough time to head all the way over to Williamstown to check it out. So I threw a bid on it. Called the guy and I'll be heading over tomorrow afternoon to check it out. For $2,900, I can't work out why there was no other bids.
  12. Haha man, I was looking at that bike too, it was a repairable write-off so I ran away.
  13. Bike appears to have been repaired, in good nick, has low kilometres & seller has 100% feedback. Seller answers a question at the bottom of the ad stating hes happy to get rwc for an extra $100. I'd pay the extra & get them to supply the rwc as it's also got rego till the end of the year. All you'd then have to do is take your copy of the transfer papers to vicroads pay stamp duty etc, ride away as the bikes all yours. $3150 ride away is a bargain (including rwc/stamp duty/and other vr fees). Have fun riding it.

    edit: checked thru the sellers previous sales and most of what he has sold seems to be gpx250/zzr250 parts, engines & accessories. Based on that I'd say hes either an importer like sumoto or motorcycle wrecker. As long as the bike is straight and you are happy with it nothing else should matter.
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  14. eh repairable write-off's aren't too much hassle with bikes half the time from what i've both been told ...seen...and experienced (tad harder in nsw as of late i'm told)

    still if you can fix the right handlebar (it's a gpx...parts are a dime a dozen) and (might be able to swing without doin the tank for abit if you can deal with a tad less fuel capacity :p)


    over all...doing that and gettin it rego'd at the current price your lookin at max 3k ...prob 2500 or less if you know someone that can do the work on the cheap

    edit: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/KAWASAKI...Motorcycles&hash=item4aada1eda5#ht_500wt_1156