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Price Check Honda CBR600F4i

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by karl, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    OK so I found one to look at next weekend, see my other post on bike shopping. I hope he is not a net rider. But here goes anyway.
    2003 CBR600f4i 3.5 years old
    6 Months Rego

    Wot he says on the phone:
    No scratches/damage
    Tyres Good
    18K Service not done
    No books wot so ever, hence low price! WTF

    Wot I found
    Red Book Value 7.7K to 9.2K
    Used Prices on the web are in the ballpark.

    The no books thing worries me, what kind of person looses the books on a nice bike with few kays. $8k could be negotiated, depending on the guy. What do you think? What did you pay?
  2. I can see how peeps can be carefree and lose the books, I'v enever placed any importance on them personally when viewing a bike.

    With mileage that low it wouldn't even have needed a major service yet...

    A minor service will just be oil, filters and plugs.
  3. I would have thought it would have had a minor service at 6000k's and a major service at 12,000k's. The next service should be a minor at 18,000k's.

    If it's actually in good nick, then $8000-$8500 would be a decent price (to pay). The F4i is a great bike. As for no books, ask him outright "why? what happened to them?" watch his reaction. I wouldn't be tooooo concerned about the books though.

    Good luck.
  4. Thats the guy from balgowlah (can't spell for crap) hey? Considering you can get a cbr600f5i for just under 10k with less than 10k kms and in v good condition (2005), you could get this guy to 8000 I'd say.
  5. Thanks guys,
    I did ask. Bought bike from a friend a year ago. Friend lost books!.... Has an R1 in the driveway now. I guess as long as it checks out not a repairable writeoff etc it could be good. Worth a look anyway.
    I am very interrested because it is silver black. Most of the rest for sale are red or red silver and I have blue black gear and helmet. Am I stoopid for worrying about colour like that?
  6. If the bike is at Balgowlah, why not take it to Brian Connors for an inspection??

    If all goes well, ask them to do the minor service for you as well - make this part of the deal. Say $8K (or whatever) satisfactory inspection and you pay to get bike serviced
  7. Thanks Doonx
    But it does look weird if your gear clashes.. lol, I sound so gay... Here I am divorced father of one and I worry about my window treatments... Damn there I go again.

    Chicks do dig it if you have a sense of style though. Not that I have any in real life.
  8. As for the books issue,
    Without books or reciepts who is to say it even had its 12K service? Must remember to ask if hee had it done.
  9. I'm a divorced father of 2. It rarely makes any difference, in fact I would say those who absolutely match everything in the hope that they look something like a pro or sponsored rider, only ever are successful in looking like a toss-bag!

    Gear is there to save your body, not to win a fashion award. That said, don't try and match magenta leathers with a Lime Green Kwakka. Who would even consider having Magenta leathers ???? :shock:

    no-one, you'll never know for sure. But if you do get to a negotiated price, ask the guy if you can have amechanical inspection done on it, and then get it to the mechanic of your choice. If the seller is fair dinkum he shouldn't baulk, and your mechanic will probably be able to let you know if it has it's 12K service.

  10. I have a bike again.. Nah Nah, Wot is it you say?...

    11/04 CBR600F5i with..

    Wait for it...

    3450km on it

    And its a red/black/silver one....

    My god, it blows my mind how much power and how smooth it is.. Feels like it will be comfy for the longish rides too. Feels a lot like my zzr in riding position but a little bulkier.. when I say it is like ZZR, that is until you start it up... your vision narrows... and.. my god, can you pop a shoulder out on these things.
  11. Congratulations! :grin: