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Price check- fluids and chain/ sprockets

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by deafwish, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. As mentioned yesterday, i'm in the process of buying a Honda Hornet 600.
    My mate checked it out for me this morning and advised me that i should replace ALL fluids on the bike (it's been sitting for about 6 months) and get a new chain and sprockets.
    Tough question, i know, but how much would all of this cost me at a bike shop/ dealer?
    I'm happy to pay cash if anyone in Melbourne is keen on doing it for me one weekend...... :wink:
    I'm trying to determine whether it's still worth buying......
    Thanks all
    Daz. :wink:

  2. Are the chain and sprockets worn??? If not then i don't see why they would need to be replaced. I'm not a mechanic so don't quote me on this but if the sprockets don't have any worn teeth i don't see the need. I think it costs about ~$300 to get it all done by a mechanic.

    In regards to the fluids they won't cost you too much all up if you do it yourself. Radiator coolant, engine oil, fork oil?? gear box oil?? it won't costs you too much to purchase the fluids on there own and do it yourself or get a mate too. It's not very hard and it would make a good learning experience. If you get it done at a mechanic the labour will costs you alot more. Don't ask me how much more though because i've never had it done and don't know of anyone who has paid a mechanic to do there oil changes.

    If your worried about what it will cost you after purchasing the bike then just negotiate it off the price...maybe someone who had had this service done recently will tell you what it cost them.
  3. Cheers Josh. :wink:
    I'm unfamiliar with the Hornet.
    I am only capable of changing engine oil/filter, but whilst it's there getting everything else done, i'd happily pay an extra $20 in labour for them to change the engine oil.
    The chain has gone slightly rusty and the sprockets have about 5000km left on them.
    I have read thet you should always replace ALL sprockets when you replace the chain.......?
    Daz. :wink:
  4. Yes, that's right. :D

    Mind you, if the chains only slightly rusty with superficial rust then you could keep it lubed and do the lot in 5000k. A mate recently got a bike with chain and sprockets in similar condition and it worked fine for him. I would advise though that you'd be better of just knocking $300 of the price and do it fairly quickly.
  5. Really all i need to know is if the above list is going to cost me:
    Just desperately trying to 'play' the budget :wink:
  6. Indeed, 'tis fairly sound advice to replace the lot (chain & sprockets) rather than one or the other - otherwise you get an old chain wearing out your new sprockets, or vice-versa.
  7. Hey Daz

    PM me you phone number, we need to talk!
  8. This one :wink: It really depends on how much you can do yourself. If the chain & spockets cost $300, then you might have a total of only $370 or so. I'd be surprised if it ended up being $600, but I have been surprised before.
  9. How many k's has the bike done?
  10. To err on the conservative side:
    Sprockets and chain about $280 (aftermarket items, and yes, they're fine)
    Oil-filter? perhaps $20 (again, aftermarket, like a Hi-Flo), 3ltr oil $ 20-60, depending on how much you want to spent/ waste, Forkoil say $25 total, Brake-fluid $8. That's it?

    Bank on the odd surprise and chuck in another $100 for parts (seals/ possibly a wheelbearing , stuff like that).
    Labour: about 3hrs, make it 4 since the forklegs have to come to get drained. Workshop hr @ 75?? about 300 total ?
    Total around $700

    Don't forget stamp-duty on the purchase (roughly 4% of purchase price in Vic). RWC @50-60 bux, new tyres?
  11. $700 is just about a low end of the scale... some mechanics will find other problems and other bits that need doing...

    If you buy all the fluids yourself and the chain/sprocket set I can do the work for you at a small fee...

    Or I can try and supply you with the fork oil 10w (I bought 5l of genuane Honda fork oil), Brake pads, Brake fluid, Hi-flo oil filter, MOTUL oil, Chain if I can get the right size, and sprockets... All at a good price...
  12. Dead right on that one....doing it properly and finishing up with a neat job will easily add a few 100 to that...and that's without new tyres.
    I ONLY took into account the items mentioned (plus a little leeway) but done properly it never stops there.
  13. I would've said about 500 bucks or so
  14. Ultimately, it's going to come down to how much you want to do yourself or pay a mechanic for, and what quality parts and fluids you use.

    You might do well to ask yourself if you want to buy a bike that needs work, how much you want to spend, can you knock any off the price or can you find a better loved bike? It might also be worth waiting till you can save more money. Any time you buy a motor vehical 2nd hand, you have to expect to fork out some money on top of the purchace price, however spending more for a better condition bike will normally reduce the repair bill.
  15. service and tune up be around $300
    (see pete) he will do it cheaper than the bike shops
    chain and sprokets , not much change out of $400 .
    he can help there

    pm me if you want his number , he has done a lot of the netriders bikes and they are happy with his service , price s and workmanship.