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Previously-registered Greys Imports, VIC Compliance.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dwainz, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Hi

    Stupid Question #1:

    I can't remember seeing any compliance plate on my Grey import Spada, But I know that it has been registered previously in VIC. Do I need to get another compliance or will it still be in VICROADS database somewhere that it's been previously complianced?

    The bike originally came from Sumotos (Found out after I bought it goddamn :( ) so I guess they comlianced it before they sold it.

    Any Idea where I could find the compliance plate????

  2. It isn't a stupid question at all, and it's not a simple answer either.

    I can't help but I'm interested in the answer...
  3. what's the chances of it being a local delivery bike rather than an import??
  4. Even a locally delivered bike should have a compliance plate attached to the frame somewhere (no idea where they put it on a Spada though).
  5. Most compliance plates can be found at the front right of the bike on the frame, near the headstock.

    Vicroads don't check the compliance plate when you re-register it. They will check the frame number, and engine number. That tells them all they need to know as to the bike's history (complied, etc).

    They never looked at my comp. plate when I got it rego'd anyway.
  6. It depends... if you are reregistering a vehicle in your own name, or even transferring a bike from another Victorian owner then they may not check.

    It has been my experience that when registering a bike that's been registered in another state that they do in fact check the compliance plate.
  7. I later asked the guy i bought it off and he said it was a grey.

    Vicroads didn't say anything when I checked the title so I'm hoping it's all ok.
  8. Yeah, mine is hidden by my fuel tank, you need to take it off to get an eyeball on it... bit silly but meh, never been asked for it... :cool: