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Previous WA scooter run 28.05.06

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by evilmart, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    If anyone here attended, and took photo's (there were a few taking photo's) I would be very keen to get a copy of my scooter in action..

    Drop me a line or reply please??!! :grin:
  2. How many scoot's turned up for the day? I know that the previous meet to whiteman park was a complete shambles and a lot of riders then where not keen to go on any more as a result.

    The numbers have been declining over the last 2-3 meets. I would be surprised if there was more than 50 scooters there this time. Well down from the over a hundred from last years meets
  3. there were about 30-35 this time

    I went to the Whitman Park event. I didn't feel it was that bad, it was more the car event staff who were the problem, not the scooter run organisers.

    However, I wasn't contacted via email as promised at that event about the next one, so I missed the ride into the hills. :cry:

    But the safety drills at the last one were excellant, I seriously want to do some ridign courses with Alert now...
  4. So the numbers where well down on previous events.

    The problem a lot of riders had with whiteman park was because the parking attendants told us to "rack off" and where pretty rude (swear language used) and told us that the day was for the car show and a bunch of scooter riders where not welcome and that we should have arranged the day with the park. Truth was obviously the park organisers didn't tell the parking attendants that we did have an annex arranged. A lot of the riders where annoyed about being spoken to like that and most believed their story that the day wasn't arranged with the park. A group of them left together and did their own thing elsewhere hoping to salvage what they saw as a shambles.
  5. bummer.. when we finally got parked, I went for a walk to look at the cars, as no-one seemed to know what to do next.. and when i got back to the scoot.. everyone was gone...

    so it looks like I missed out on the best part :cry:
  6. I took photos but damned if I can find them on my comp. I'll post them if I find them
  7. cheers.. that would be awesome!