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Preventing your plates shredding off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Brmmm, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. After a month or so of my L plates continually shredding I came up with a solution. Glued 8 of them together with araldite. No longer a problem




    Prior to this I was losing one a day - only had to get up to 70kph for the plate to rip in half. This solution has proved to be resilient to speeds up to 80kph. Possibly even a bit higher. Has lasted for 6-8weeks.


    Now I've just added the new plate on top. Shame about the colour scheme. Apologies about the state of the bike, usually its pristine and in fact I had just washed it prior to the test. You can tell the kind of conditions we had on the day LOL


    PS Glad we have unlimited supply of free plates up this way ;)
  2. My advice, buy a pair of $7 metal plate holders from BigW and mount it to the plate bolts? Means you even have a spare so when some noob decides to take the cover off your bike for you and bend up the holder with the elastic strip, you dont need to go get another one!
    Only useful for an unmodified fender i guess :p.

    Looks ridiculous (the plate holder from BigW, seeing as its meant for a car) but hey, lets face it, you cant make an L or a P plate look good no matter what you do.
  3. $7? I thought about it and just couldnt justify the expense LOL

    The previous owner had the original fender removed, but it came with the bike, so I could replace it. I don't really like it though.

    I wasn't you by any chance? ( The bike came from up your way)
  4. Mines been shredding away at the bottom of the L for the past 8 months but thankfully I am yet to lose any of them and the plate is still 85% there so it's ok.
  5. Must confess, the only spot i could mount mine makes the exhaust fade them to white, so i just put some old rag and a piece of foil over the back of it, and rather then 3 weeks, its been 3 months with the same plate :p.
  6. John
    Did you notice mine on friday.i put a metal plate holder on,it hangs out in the wind and i have not yet lost a plate .
  7. I got some L plates that are made from a thicker plastic from Kmart, they were like $4 for two. The RTA forgot to give me some when i got my L's, and i thought these might last a bit longer

    seem to hang on ok so far, hevaent got up to too higher speeds though.
  8. No, didnt notice - I guess I stopped looking when I found my solution. I wasnt sure how well the commercial ones would work at the time. It must stop the flex enough I guess. Also on my bike I *think* it might have made the plate hang down too low, near the rear tyre.

    PS, I saw Ryan at the Gos RTA yesterday. I had to warn him they might try and give him an automaticlicence like they tried on me- they had no clue.
  9. I got sick of cracking plates (old 2 strokes vibrate - A LOT), so with my last plate I duck taped some 2 layer corrugated cardboard to the back. Lasted 350k's of highway speed and another 200 or 300k's of putting around town so far, still there :D
  10. I gave up after something like the 10th magnetic one flying off the back of my bike. I've now just got a sliver of yellow magnetic L plate cable tied onto the back of the bike. "Oh, shit! The plate's gone. It was there when I started riding this morning, Officer."

    There's just no real way to mount the ****ing things. The plastic ones you get from the RTA are pieces of shit and the magnetic ones you have to buy yourself aren't much better.
  11. Layer/Criss-cross several layers of duct tape across the back of it.. done. My P plate has lasted 3 months and my L plate lasted 5 and it cost me about 12c in duct tape.
  12. you can buy the really good strong ones from any servo (pretty much) for about $4 or less. you just disregard the suction cap parts, and just put it next to numberplate using the screws for the numberplate.

    mine lasted for L's AND P's (you just turn it around) for about 3.5 years. (about 40,000 k's)
  13. Mine hasn't had a problem yet. Done freeway speeds etc - nothings snapped off. Just had to scrub all the grime off when I turned it around a few weeks ago for P's.
  14. This

    And masking tape works just as well as duct tape! ;)

    Fun Ha!
  15. i just fitted another one to my bike, its not fully visible though but you can tell what it is. reckon i'll get in trouble??
  16. I like the duct tape idea (along with duct tape boats, cannons etc... :D)

    My P plate is shredding....but I've only got 3 weeks to go until it's off forever!! :D :D :D
  17. As long as the letter and speed limit (if on the plate) arn't covered (at all), you should be fine. in NSW anyway.
  18. *Nods*
  19. I've had one L plate on mine, up to speeds of 120kp/h and it hasn't fallen/snapped off once.

    Instead of gluing 8 together why not secure it better.

    One L plate is enough.
  20. It was secure - just not strong enough for my super fast riding (70kph). They all snapped in half, never fell off. lol