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Preventing visor fogging. Is it possible?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tarsh, May 11, 2007.

  1. Hello again everyone,

    lately i've noticed that my visor interior is fogging even with the vents open as i ride around at night.

    Is it possible to get some sort of product to spray on the visor to stop it from fogging and keep it clear.


  2. I've heard that detergent rubbed on the inside helps, not tried it myself, I've perfected a patent-pending breathing technique involving controlled breaths that borderline on you passing out :LOL:
  3. yes... For a start, click on this

    You'll find other products mentioned in the posts/threads shown to find the various ways/products on how to do this. Quite easy :)
  4. Anti fog spray is available at any dealership or accessories store. :)

    Keeping your visor clean is the best prevention though. Mild soap and water with a soft cloth, inside and out. Take the visor off to do this is easiest. :wink: :)

    If you do find yourself out on the bike and the visor fogs and you have no spray with you, open the visor just a crack and it should stay clear without getting too cold. :)

    I should note with cleaning, I get best results from dishwashing liquid and hot water though I've no idea if harsh detergent can be harmful over time. :)
  5. Mate use Catcrap :)))) , i know sounds crap but it works LOL
  6. I've only ever used morning fresh and hot water, it seems my iridium visor has faded slightly. No scrubbing. Just rub on the liquid and rinse off. dry with soft cloth.

    Best anti-fog? controlled breathing and open the visor at the lights.
  7. I bought a Pro-Grip visor insert for $30 from Clipstone Yamaha. No more fogging up ~ it's 100% effective. I bought the light sensitive insert that is one step up from clear and will take the glare out of the sun but be clear for regular night riding. Best money I have ever spent in the pursuit of anti-fogging.
  8. +1

    got one of these as well..... fogging is now onl;y on really really cold mornings or if i'm breathing hard.

    the tint in the insert is only very slight but enough to take the sting out of early morning sun....still going to get some decent sunnies though.
  9. I bought a Mega Shield insert last week. Wish I'd bought one when I first started riding. No fog at all, even in traffic at 5 degrees.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Breathe with your top lip over your bottom. Works for me!
  11. clean the inside of your visor and apply 2 coats of Mr sheen furniture polish.... your bound to have it lying around.

    Remember to never touch the inside of your visor, just use the thumb tab and you will be fine. Plus mr sheen is everywhere... mums place, brothers, sisters etc...
  12. light film of neat morning fresh dish liquid around $3 a bottle, fog & hassle free riding, priceless!
  13. As crazy as this sound, after cleaning your visor put some shaving cream on it (as in a 50c piece) and distribute it evenly with a soft cloth until it clears out.

    Don't know exactly what additive is in them but it works preventing fogging. I have yet to do that on my visors but it works on my bathroom mirrors. A quick google shows that I'm not talking crap :p And best of all its free!

  14. buy shoei problem solved :grin:
  15. I have a Shoei and the problem existed from brand new. The insert solved it.
  16. Breathe down not up. Open visor one click....

    Rainx antifog available at Supercheap Auto.

    but, most importantly....

    Stop thinking dirty thoughts and breathing heavily. :wink:
  17. The 'breathguard' leather insert for the helmet works a treat. I got one for my xr1000 for about 30 bucks, fits over your nose and mouth, helps you 'breath down'.
  18. Ride faster :wink:
  19. Can't you just spit in it and smear - works with my diving goggles :)