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pretty sure this is a dead battery, can anyone confirm?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pow3r, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. i got my bike yesterday, it's a 93 suzuki across.
    i've been riding it round the backstreets yesterday and today, but once yesterday and now again today i had to jump it with a jump pack.

    when it appears flat, the first crank i can hear the starter spin, but it seems it doesn't have enough go to start it, the second and from then on it clicks.

    i got the multi meter out, and the readings across the battery are
    unstarted: 12.8V but another reading showed down to 12.5V
    idling: 12.9-13.3V
    reving to 5k: ~14V

    the battery isn't bulged or anything obviously faulty, and it's a yuasa YTX9-BS (maintenance free) a if that makes any difference.

    i'm going to leave the battery disconnected overnight to see if the voltage dips any lower. but from this info, im' leaning towards dead battery rather than alt or r/r.

    can anyone give any insight before i drop coin on a new one?

  2. You can try jump starting it with another vehicle and if that starts it then definitely the battery. I'm thinking it will be the battery that is dead. The first spin of the starter will be the easy crank till it reaches compression hence why it won't go any further
  3. sorry reread what i wrote about jumping it and it edited it.

    yeah i've got a jump pack, kind of a mobile jump start device that charges from the wall. used it to jump start the bike a couple of times and it works with that. it's when it's flat that it spins over, but won't fire up.
  4. From what you've said it looks like your charging system is working OK, so likely culprit is the battery.
  5. yeah, i was leaning that way, it's odd, sometimes it seems to fire up, sometimes it's a no go, i'm wondering if the battery holds just enough charge to fire it up if there's no delay between turning the electrics on, and hitting start.

    where is a decent retailer for batteries? are repco etc worthwhile, or is there anywhere more bike specific?
  6. I hear there's a good shop on the south side of Darwin.

    Sounds like the battery - I recently had the inconsistent behaviour you've described. Replaced the battery and it all went away. Winter is the time for such nonsense to happen.
  7. Yeah would also say Battery, your Alternator sounds like its charging as it is above batt voltage when running according to your measurments. Like your eddie head..
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  9. +1 for Battery World, got a Yusa for less than I paid for the previous crap battery that barely gave me 15 months.
  10. Battery may show 12 volts or so but it may still not have enough crank amps to start the bike, which means that is is dying badly.
  11. cheers all for the help, it's been starting fine these last couple of days, but i've lost a bit of confidence and don't want to take jumpers with me everywhere i go, so i'll grab a battery from battery world this weekend.
  12. Has your pattern of riding changed? e.g. longer rides rather than shorter commutes. If so there may be enough time to charge a tired battery. Winter cold and short commutes i.e. lots of starts are killers for batteries.
  13. not changed, but it could be that i've put some k's on the bike when it was previously in the guys garage.
    other thing i've been trying is cranking it the second i put the key to on, not letting it sit with the headlight on for any time the engine's not running.
    (previously i let it sit for ~5 seconds before cranking)
  14. New battery means you know its history, if you have the cash I would replace it. Better than being caught out in the cold not being able to start. :(
  15. the battery seems to be about $70 from battery world, though the model they suggest is slightly different from the one i've got fitted at the moment.

    i grabbed one of these too, so it'll be good to know the battery is up to spec (not that 5v, 1A is going to flatten it while the bike runs)