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pretty soon.....

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Willzah, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. fair enough it says that if you "lean forward it goes forward, lean backward it goes backward. Something motorbikes cant do"

    What happens when you lean to the side, how does it corner?

    Checkmate 18 year old designer and article writer!
  2. This week on Pimp My Segway!
  3. there is a pillion seat there...

    first of all there aren't any pegs for the lady.
    second, having the c of g put back that far would throw rideability and the gyro's right off.
    It just doesnt make any sense.

    If it has anything near the normal acceleration of the bike, it doesnt matter how far the rider leans forward, he is subsequently going to have the back of his head meeting the ground due to lack of moment produced by the forward mass of engine and rider. Same goes for braking - hope you never need to e-brake. If the torque is to low for this to occur, you would walk faster. There are advantages of having a wheelbase that is greater than zero.

    What happens when it hits a bump is anyone's guess.

    If rider accidentally looses balance at the lights he goes straight into the intersection.

    halifax has already covered the cornering.

    as for "all you need to do to accelerate is lean forward", all you need to do on a normal motorcycle is twist your wrist. I think I can pick which is easier. Fair game on the lean backward/go backward thing, a bike some sort of reverse gear wouldn't go astray.

    definitely picked the right forum there willzah

    edit: it might actually work better with only one wheel rather than two...