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Pretty Safe Guy.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rohizle, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ... or not.

  2. meh. it's not as thought it's about to change lanes.
  3. That was so not what I was expecting :p
  4. Whilst not even wearing a jacket?
    boy.racer's gonna SHIT when he sees this!
    Quick - someone go get him...
  5. What do you mean? He was wearing a fluoro vest!
  6. What the heck was that thing he snuck under?
  7. a sprayer apparently
  8. ha! spots thats one of the best gifs i've ever seen...
  9. Looks like something from Mad Max
  10. there was a u-turn?
  11. if you go onto this thread supermotojunkie - the riding game you will see that guy and heaps of other motarders doing some wild things.

    like taking a bike up and down an escalator, having a bike ontop of the roof of your car etc.

    thats why motards are kickass.
  12. Would of loved to have seen the reaction of the driver!