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pretty girls from every nation (or what?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rookie, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    it's a very interesting pic I found somewhere else showing the girls from different places. It is said that all the photos were digitized and formed by some common perception on beauty in every place. Others thought this is only a medium level of beauty which i disagree..... Spit out your opinion. :D


  2. Seems about right, we are genetically programmed to seek out certain patterns to mate with.

    If I had a harem like that I dont think Id be complaining.
  3. Only complaint would be designing the roster...8-[
  4. Its funny how they look exactly like they should (for their country of origin/genetics).
  5. the photos sure aren't very flattering..
  6. What are the bodys underneath the piccys like,
  7. Naked hopefully..
  8. And penis-free.
  9. Sometimes a gamble with Thai specimens...... :bolt:
  10. i'd tap all of them
  11. Damn! You took the words out of my mouth...
  12. LOLOL :D
    Hard to miss them on the streets of Wan Chai of a night (Hong Kong) or in various locations of 'magnificent'-repute in Bangkok...
  13. Thats really interesting!

    The differences between the African and African American, Chinese and Vietnamese is fascinating.

    Oh yeah, and there's some smoking good looking lady's in there!
  14. i remember reading somewhere that the most universally attractive faces are those that are most symetrical. difficult to tell if this is true of these girls. but they're certainly all good looking to my eye. sounds like the survey here suggests it's pretty universal.
  15. It's scary that one of the faces actually looks like my sister o_O
  16. Like a night in four floors singapore...
  17. They are just averages.
    If you average out many many many faces, you will find that its an attractive one.
    Those photos are overlays of many photos. So those faces are the aggregate desire of a nation.
  18. I demand name, phone number and picture... come down to Sydney an ill show her a good time ;).

    I doubt you'd want the penis endowed one that everyone is talking about?

    If thats the case then an average is already an pretty good for me. I would definitely try to mate with all of them (provided they arent fe-mans).
  19. You KNOW it , brother (y)