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Preston roadrace school June 25, Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    The next Preston roadrace schooln is planned for June 25 at Broadford. I'm sure Garfield will add costs & entry details soon.

    There will be two levels of classroom & on track sessions. I will be instructing, aided by many experienced racers.

    My experience in brief, if you need some confidence,

    Age 51
    Started racing 1975
    Raced Superbikes since 1986.
    Finished 9th (1st privateer) in Australian Superbike Championship.
    Finshed in top 20 in World Superbike rounds at Phillip Island.
    Finished 4th on the banking at Daytona USA
    Competed at Isle of Man TT
    Spent 6 months racing in England, 12 months racing in the USA
    Completed top level HART training course
    Completed Keith Code Superbike course at Laguna Seca USA
    Previous lap record holder at Winton & Broadford
    Winner of Hartwell Club Expert Championship
    plus too much more to list.

    Many Netriders know me, I think I am seen (as the other racer instructors also) as a helpful & approachable friend that loves to help other riders.

    Hopefully see you at the track :)
  2. Pull the IOM thing. You've been called on that one.
  3. I got the pics to prove it, but thanks Rog.
  4. ok, mate.
  5. Just need em scanned and I can post them.

    But back on subject, if we get enough interest we may run a third class at the school; 'absolute novice', 'intermediate' and 'racers'.
  6. I really enjoyed the last one I went to and have been meaning to do another. My cornering skills have vanished for some reason, chicken strips gradually widening… As it’s in June, what’s the deal if it’s raining on the day? Don’t think I’d be too keen on a wet track.
  7. I'm keen!

    Er... does one need a valid license to partake?
  8. I'm keen and would probably slot into "absolute novice" :)
  9. You don't need a road licence; a 'one day' competition licence is arranged for you.

    Regarding the weather, it will be going ahead regardless of the weather, when the entry contact details are put on here, you can enter 'pending weather', that way if it rains on the day we know how many aren't coming. Then only pay on the day if you show, can't get a better offer than that hey? :)
  10. Good news, thanks Johnny O.
  11. This should give me enough time to get my bike back on the road...hopefully I don't have to fly out to WA in June...
  12. About a week before I head overseas! PERFECT
  13. Ahhh, my first track day for the gixxer...........excellent. Missed the last one.
    Sheeth, if you wanna arrange to lug oue bikes up together just let me know.

  14. Hey Quo,

    That might be really good. I am planning to have my tow bar attached and trailer sorted by then so might be able to make my own way up. Either way keep in touch even just to save on fuel and take one car and not 2!

    I'll hopefully make it to a day or 2 before then either at Broadford or PI, I'll keep everyone posted it anyway.

  15. Awesome Sheeth. Keep me posted cause' I am very keen on doing a trackday. Work commitments etc haven't helped in the past but i'm free coming mid May onwards. Bear in mind also when you are doing your next trackday as saving on fuel and using one car sounds good. You are also just up the road from me :)

  16. Awesome :D
  17. Sounds like a plan!
  18. We might need a bigger trailer!

  19. I did the last one and if its not pissing down i will more tha likely do this one.
  20. Cool pending weather im in.Will fill in details when available