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VIC Preston MCC race school

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by jap, Nov 12, 2013.

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  2. Very tempting! :)
  3. Keen as mustard...

    Does anyone know if road bikes are allowed?

    which license do they get you to buy? also, do you need a license for normal champion style track days?

  4. did you follow the links?
  5. Road bikes are ok, you just need to tape up the mirrors and lights.

    See below -
    Contact 0406 029917

    Rider First Name
    MA Licence Number If you have one, otherwise you will need an one day licence, available below.
    Date of Birth
    Phone Number (Include area code)
    Email Address
    Postal Address

    Next of Kin
    Contact Number

    Machine Details
    Race Number Machine Year

    Track Group

    Entry Fee
    One Day Licence or/and Membership You need to be a member of PMCC and have a race or rec licence.

    Preferred payment method An invoice will be sent to your email address and your entry will be only confirmed once payment has been made.

    Card Type

    Credit Card Number First 8 digits only and SMS or email the last 8 digits to the contact details below.

    Expire date

    Please SMS (TEXT) or email your name and race number and last 8 digits of your Credit Card if paying by card to 0406 029917 or prestonmcc@optusnet.com.au to confirm your entry. If you don't message us your entry will be rejected.
    Direct Bank Deposit Details are (Please use your name & race # as a reference #)
    Account Name: The Preston Motorcycle Club Inc BSB: 033195 Acc #: 751082

  6. Thank you,

    i looked at the links, but obviously not thoroughly enough

    I haven't done a ride day/ track day, is this going to be too advanced?
  7. Have a crack in the beginners, you'll be fine!


  8. Thank you for your responses, im going to register first thing in the morning...

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  9. Greg you going?
  10. yes with the camera gregandangiephotography.com
  11. can you sign up on day?
  12. I'm pretty sure you can sign up on the day, ring Francis to check 0406 029917.
  13. Dear Preston MCC. Please move to Sydney.
  14. Great day yesterday, even with the ever-changing weather conditions. Thanks to all who made it possible.
  15. We need MNSW to build or buy a track here. Broadford is such good value for Victorians.