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Preston MCC Race School Sunday 13th February, Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Garfield, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. The Preston MCC's first race school for the year will be held at Broadford on Sunday 13th February.
    There will be 4 groups and John Orchard will be coordinating the instructors for the day.
    Advanced:Chief Instructor Shannon Johnson
    Period 5:Chief Instructor Robbie Phillis
    Novice:Chief Instructor Mark Richardson
    Juniors:Chief Instructor Mike Christoph

    Entry forms are available at: www.prestonmcc.com.au
    The cost is $120 for the day, $20 for a one day licence and $40 for 12 months PMCC membership, (if you are not already a member of PMCC or an affiliated Motorcycling Victoria Club.)
    A hot lunch and end of day bbq is provided.

    Attached is the event poster and please feel welcome to circulate it to anyone you think may be interested in participating.

    If anyone is interested in participating as a corner flag marshall on the day they will receive a free one day Motorcycling Victoria practice pass for Broadford. This pass is fully transferable and valued at $120.00. The senior Marshalls from Race Marshalls Victoria will be in attendance on the day to provide training in the art of corner marshalling.

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  2. Silly question, but what actually happens. is it a race :ie school? learn etc about racing. Join in, what if your a first timer, and what sort of times would you be looking at doing to enable to enter etc. Went on site, and cant find sort of info i want to know.

    Ie Race Shcool..is that like superbike school, or is it actually racing etc...

    Sounds interesting and might turn up to see how it all goes...
  3. Might look into this as well - just hoping I have Feb 13th free of any work commitments !
  4. i spoke to the lady who runs it, explained it all and basically said its a race school, they teach you and sit down classes as well and put in groups. She said novice can have first timers into and people who have just began to ride...but on the day, they watch and grade u and move u up or down the groups. Plenty of fun and can ride any bike you bring, there are no classes for a bike , excpet has to be compliant as per normal track days at phillip island...so i think ill be doing this and having a squizz...
  5. Thanks for posting that info, Moyston !
    This sounds like some serious fun.
    The watching/grading and moving up/down the groups sounds exciting also...nothing like a further rush in addition to track riding itself.
    Hope I can make it - have fun !
  6. I'm doing SBS this weekend at PI and this one at Broadford looks good. I think I might head along and fang around the track as the more trackdays I do, the more addicted I get. :)
  7. Im spewin. i was trying to book in for sbs at PI level 2 for this sat and i kept putting it off even thou i kept looking at it and deciding etc. Anyway it sat on 4 spots left all week...i go look sunday its still 4 spots, i get up monday to go online and pay, its all booked out,,bummer, so im on waiting lists for both sat and sun and i also booked in for aust day track day at pi as well....
    and then this, so i think ill book this and go learn some more on the 13th...hurry, as i dont think they take like 100 riders...wont put this one off!
  8. ^^ Yeah, I'm going to book today. :)
  9. Sounds good, I hope I can make it...

    Presuming full leathers are needed, is there a requirement for a back protector?
  10. normal requirements as if it was a track day i was told....
  11. Yes, back protectors must be worn.
    Full leathers are preferable!
    Kevlar and textiles are allowed, but the jacket and trousers must be securely attached.
  12. Our sport is governed by rules "The GCR's". Here are the rules for protective clothing which Preston and all participants at a PMCC promoted event must adhere to.

    15.4.2 Clothing A 1-piece suit or jacket and trousers
    constructed of leather or other material
    of similar or greater durability.
    a) Where jackets or 1-piece suits
    are fitted with front opening slide
    fasteners, a safety strap must be
    fitted and secured at the neck,
    b) In the case of a jacket and trousers,
    provision must be made to attach
    the rear of the jacket securely to the
    c) The following areas must be padded
    with at least a double layer of
    leather or enclosed plastic foam at
    least 8mm thick:
    i) Shoulders,
    ii) Elbows,
    iii) Both sides of torso and hip joint,
    iv) Knees. A commercially manufactured back
    protector, which continously covers the
    back area between the collar line and the
    base of the spine if wearing leathers or a
    full kevlar suit.
    15.4.3 Footwear Boots with ankle and calf protection
    which must:
    a) Be constructed of leather or other
    material of similar or greater
    durability. but not constructed of
    b) At least overlap the suit or trousers
    when the rider is in the normal riding
    c) Not have soft leather soles. Knee and boot scrapers that spark when
    dragged on the ground are forbidden Sidecar rider and passengers may wear
    ankle length boots.
    15.4.4 Gloves Gloves of leather or other material of
    similar or greater durability. Gloves need not be worn by passengers
    on sidecars.
    15.4.5 Goggles and Visors Eye protection, including spectacles,
    protective goggles, helmet visors and/or
    ‘tear-offs’ must be worn provided:
    a) Eye protectors and spectacles are
    made of non-shattering material,
    b) Eye protectors which cause visual
    disturbance are not to be used,
    c) Visors are an integral part of the
    d) Metal or perspex face shields are
    not used,
    e) Eye shades or peaks are of a
    flexible material.
    15.4.6 H air and Jewellery Hair longer than shoulder length must be
    confined in the helmet or jacket. Body jewellery is to be removed or
    securely covered with tape prior to
    15.4.7 General footwear Closed footwear must be worn in the pit
    lane at all times
  13. Its cheaper than the champions ride day AND you get instruction, sound good to me!
  14. Thanks Garfield, that's what I was after.
  15. That count's me out (due to christmas cheer it won't fit in my onesie atm)

    I've never been told that a back protector is manditory (even at PMCC race school days in the past - is this a new requirement?) and not at champions just this past weekend either.
  16. Going to book into this but I think I might look at hiring at get my bike trailered up there as riding up and back from Melbourne is just silly. If anyone has room for a bike on their trailer/van can they let me know. I throw some $ your way. Danke.
  17. Im thinking the same thing, I rode up last sunday and its a hard ride back!
  18. ^^ Hey Sheeth. I don't have a car (well, my fiances Toyota Starlet wouldn't suffice) so that leaves me in the lurch a bit. Maybe a horse-drawn cart?
  19. Hey Damian...I have a box trailer which I use to cart my VFR around if you want to borrow it.

    I have made modifications to fit the VFR, so the RVF should fit...unless the UPS forks sit too wide compared to standard. Also have the necessary tie downs for it. You might want to buy/borrow/steal maybe a rear wheel tie down...the one I bought out of hurry was actually for motorcross...so it kind of leaves a mark on the rear wheel :?...unless you want to change the rear wheel with my wet/"transport" wheel while you cart it around.

    Let me know if you need it :).

    EDIT:...uhh since you don't have a car that might be a bit of a problem haha...I would help trail it up for you...but I unfortunately have work :?