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Presti's Kawasaki ZXR250 Ninja

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by presti, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. hey guys. New to the bike scene and this forum, thought i'd do the usual thing and introduce myself and show you my bike. Im 20, live in victoria and work a few jobs. Decided i wanted my bike learners because my car is quiet expensive to run from day to day. I went out and got a 1993 Kawasaki ZXR250 Ninja from a local shop, has a little scrap where someone was test riding and dropped it at a set of lights - doesn't bother me because i may drop it so it happens. Got it cheap because of the scratches. im sure you have all seen one before, and i will do a more detailed pictures soon but here are a few from my phone when i bought it.

    One of many pics i took one night whilst out with the camera :) should have cleaned her ;)

    Thanks guys,
    Have a good one :)
  2. Wow that is bloody nice!
  3. thanks mannn i appreciate it :)
  4. Bit of an update, insured the bike today with 'InsureMyRide' for 3rd party - only because money is tight. I have my car insured Fully Comprehensive and when i can i will be, best be safe then sorry!

    Will update pics soon i promise, working night shift means i cant do the shots i want to.
  5. thanks akaluke :)
  6. Sweet looking bike mate enjoy.

    Cheers Paul.
  7. Looks pretty nice. I wouldn't kick it out of bed in the morning :p
  8. haha i only would if it wet the bed ;) haha
  9. got a little bored today, decided to pull some pannels off and re-align them as they looked like they were out. whilst doing so i decided to tint my tail light. I have done this on my cars, i like the look. I like tint in general, the car as dark tint, some people like it some dont i guess.

    here are the pics:

    after spray and headlight off:

    after spray and headlight on:

    when its running you cant tell but when its off you can, i like it :D
  10. Took the bike to the Heathcote Drag strip today with the car club, was very happy with my times. First time i've ever gone down the strip so didn't know what to expect, but i beat a few cars so im happy!

    was an AWESOME day!! was def worth riding the motorbike in the rain without my water proof gloves on (doh!)

    my runs were as followed:

    1st run: 15.21 seconds 1/4 mile at 89.25 mph (143.63kph)
    2nd run: 15.06 seconds 1/4 mile at 89.37 mph (143.83kph)
    3rd run: 15.23 seconds 1/4 mile at 89.25 mph (143.63kph)
    4th run: 15.03 second 1/4 mile at 93.09mph (149.81kmph) *BEST*

    loved it!
  11. Chuck some new sprockets on there and you should be able to shave a second off those times I reckon :cool:
  12. sounds like a good plan hehe
  13. A mates been calling me to do the same at Calder. Did your front go up on your take offs?
  14. hey those 1/4 mile times are pretty good!
    they're roughly on-par with a v6 commodore and your engine is 1/15 the capacity

    i love those earlier ninjas and yours is schmick!
    so jealous :cry:
  15. I once took my ol 1100 down the strip in Adelaide..I just couldn't get the take off right, she'd lift the front wheel and I'd panic..or I'd feel sorry for the clutch as I feathered it out...either way I was getting low 9's...at the time the bike was stock...ya have to do a lot of work to a car to get those times.For a dragstrip noob I was pretty chuffed.
    Enjoy ya ride..you'll be amazed at how much time you save going to and from work..plus how much money ya save on juice.
  16. dats a one nice bike....
    I am new to this forum... i went and looked at a zxr250... yr 2000 with 23000km on the clock... but left hand fairing was scratched... it wasn't broken though, neither loose....
    the guy switched it on, it was giving out smoke like white smoke.... and was really smelly, is it normal???... the guy is like... oh its coz i hv put too much oil in it.... nd it hasn't been started in two weeks

    2 question:
    How much do u think would it cost paint the fairing?

    he is offering me for $4000 with rwc nd rego.... is it a good deal???
  17. Ahhh for the oil burning, im not sure. Mine spat a big of smoke but it had been sitting for 2 years* really. The fairings, i was quoted less than $500 including the stickers, off the cuff quote really so im not 100% sure but im not bothering atm with painting it :)
    $4k seems like a good deal, make sure of the engine first ask for an engineers cert or see if you can take it to someone first or ask for a 6 month warrenty, If they dont give you it there may be an underlying issue
  18. Its great fun! but slippery with all the oil and shit in the wet.
    Got a little bit on the launch but thats really it hehe

    yeahh they are around the stock commodore level, depends how thrashed ;) haha. but its great for a learners bike haha.
  19. Got my P's today!!!
    so happy.

    Down at HART in kilsyth, was easy, scored 14/40 which you all know its the lower the better, so im really happy with that. With the emergency braking i got a 2 and a 1 which i was STOKED about.

    GOtta have the p's displayed till jan 17th but cant wait to have em off!