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Presti's 2009 GSX-R750!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by presti, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. G'day guys. So i've updated from my old 93 ZX2R 250 Ninja to a beautiful, clean and ****ing sexy 2009 GSX-R750!

    Picked it up on Friday 30th of September from Peter Steven's FTG, was stock as a bog. I have since done a fender eliminator with custom brackets but other than that i'm happy with her being stock! I'm in love!




    When i'm back to 100% health (i have a chest infection atm) i will bring her down to a Thursday night Mystery Ride! =D
  2. Gorgeous mate ! Congratulations...she's a head turner, even without the 'miniskirt' (ie, being stock) :D
    Love the Gixxer's in factory blue/white, being a proud owner of 2 previously (K7 750 & K5 1000).
    Enjoy the new beast after your ensuing speedy recovery (y)
  3. Thanks mate =D
    Yeah i've always loved the factory blue and white, really looks classy and the metallic paint is spot on haha.

    Thanks mate, i might be sneaky and go for some spurs to Healsville tomorrow whilst mother is out so she doesn't crack it at me haha!
  4. Oh, forgot to mention previously...
    Nothing wrong with keeping a bike stock..but you may want to consider getting some Oggy Knobs fitted...for peace of mind (y)
  5. yeah absolutely mate i don't mind keeping it stock :)

    yeah mannn they are on the list, real soon. Any idea of a good place to get them?
  6. Did a photoshoot tonight with the baby! haha

    here are some pics:



  7. Nice !!!!!
    Great pics bud !
    Check your PM (y)
  8. Amaxing pictures.
    Great bike. Enjoy it and stay safe (y)
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  9. Great looking bike and fantastic photography :)
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  10. Pics look the goods man! Such a hot bike, definitely jealous. That said, it'd probably kill me at this point in my riding life :p
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  11. great stuff Ryan just seen this thread cant wait too see it in the flesh
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  12. Lovely bike mate, and those photos are top notch. Very professional.
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  13. Congratulations, looks fantastic!
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  14. Thanks for all the kind words guys! my emails were going to my junk so i wasn't aware people had commented on it! She is a beaut, love her to bits. Just have to look out for those police and speed cameras ! she likes to go a bit faster than the old ninja ;-) haha!
  15. love the bike.

    but do you have a number plate light for that fender eliminator?
  16. Thanks mate.

    yeah 2 LED lights that sit on the top left and top right of the number plate
  17. In that case, thats a pretty clean install wow, you wouldnt have noticed the lights looking at those pics.
  18. thanks mate! :) If you look at this photo ill point em out


    You can see on the top there is a black cylinder sort of thing? and the wires at the back. they go through where the plate would usually bolt on. They are a tad purple now tho with age so i think i'll get some new ones, but hopefully get custom plates around jan for my b'day so ill re-asses it then :)
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    got myself a GoPro motorsport 2 for my birthday the other day and i did my first test shoot with it on Toolangi spurs :)


    i like it :)

    *NOTE* i didn't break a law during this video. as most of you might know its 100kph speed limit and through that area it is stupid to speed as there are cops.