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Pressure Sensor Traffic Lights?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ice_Prophecy, May 25, 2007.

  1. Hi, I just came back from a night time riding practice by myself and I got caught behind a red light for a good 10-15minutes.

    I was just wondering whether a bike is heavy enough to set these things off... or is the traffic light just giving me a hard time because I ride a bike lol.

  2. AFAIK the sensors at traffic lights are triggered by a magnetic coil, which is operated by the metal content in vehicles and is buried in the surface.
    Bikes sometimes do have the problem of not triggering these sensors. Particularly if the surface has been relaid recently.
    Ensure you ride over part of the coil, often quite visible, but staying out of the crap in the centre of the lane
    If this fails you can try putting your sidestand down on the coil lines (remember to put it back up)

    Hope this helps
  3. unless it is of the old type, which is a pressure pad....and in that case no, a bike may not be heavy enough.
    there is bugger all pressure pads in use these days, mostly they are the induction loop type sensors. try turning bike on & off next time, that can help to trigger the sensors.
  4. Try completing your profile and adding a location to it. That will fix your problems each time you run over an induction loop.

    You should call your local roads authority and report that the sensor isn't doing its job, i.e sensing. They usually adjust them once reported
  5. The electromagnetic ones can sometimes be triggered by sticking your bike over the sensor and hitting your starter button.
  6. +1

    and you coulda searched for the bunch of threads on this..... (i say that but i don't mean it because whenever i search for stuff a hundred irrelevant threads come up)
  7. Ill switch the bike off then on again and that usually works, otherwise i just sneek through the lights if no one is around or completes a cycle and doesnt give me a go
  8. I had the same thing on one of the nites coming bak at 1am. There were no cars around at all so I'd looked in all directions no one in site I just jump off the bike run to the pedestrain crossing to go in the same direction press the button and run bak. As soon as I jumped bak on the bike the lights were green. :LOL:

    I still laugh on how funny it looked like to run accross from the middle lane and bak... :LOL:
  9. i had that problem on the scooter a few times.. tho with a carton of beer between my feet no problem!

    use to use pedestrian lights, or get a car to pull up close behind me, or even one day ask politely for a car to change from the lane beside me to the one i was in to try and trigger it after 5 cycles...

    report them, much easier!

    tho carrying a carton of beer was also handy for long waits... nothing beats a coldy... :p
  10. omfg i get so sick of waiting when that happens :mad: Happened last fri and i had to wait for a car after 3 cycles. This is the one at the end of Springbank onto Goodwood (Adel). Thought bout skipping throu coz i knew what the prob was, but it has a red light cam.

    Btw i dont advise putting your stand down to try and trigger it, just my opinion. I usually try shutting the bike down and restarting. Seems to work on some..
  11. I had this problem since I sometimes finish work late and ride in some quite streets.

    Would something like this work?: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Gree...tegoryZ35557QQihZ013QQitemZ230135418837QQrdZ1

    Green light trigger from USA eBay (I have searched Australian eBay). Says in the description that the product emits enough magnetic force that the sensor thinks it is a semi (though the description is written by the seller so who wouldn't talk up their product).

    Seems expensive for a magnet though. I will try the turning engine off and on again trick next time.