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Press coverage of recent spike in motorcycle accidents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I can't help comparing this to the article The Age ran a few weeks ago about the increase in bicycle accidents. In that article it seemed as though half the text was pro-bike, explaining that the increase in accidents was a statistical thing, caused by the increase in cyclists rather than a higher accident rate.

    Even though this article mentions the increase in motorcycle riders, it doesn't have the positive spin of the bike one. Or am I reading it too critically? They went out of their way to say that even if you are careful you could still end up like the guy with spinal damage they interviewed at the end.

    I have to say that I'm disappointed at the spate of accidents. I was enjoying telling people how the number of riders was going up and the number of accidents was going down. But what bugs me is that BV got a few paragraphs explaining how safe bikes were and how the increase in accidents was not as great as the increase in cyclists, but MRA only got a one line quote from the new President.

    Double standards just bug me I guess.


  2. that is all.

    plus cars are getting safer faster.

    i just hate this kind of journalism. it causes knee jerk reactions
  3. If I'm not mistaken, there's only been about 3 motorcycling fatalities in the Yarra Ranges region in the last 3 years. One was a very rare double fatality when two motorcycles collided head on, on the straight bit on the Black Spur.

    The rash of motorcyling fatalities this year has not been on the popular motorcycling roads, but instead appears to have been regular riders going about their business around town or on highways. At least, that's my take on it just from from I've been reading of the accidents this years.

    Ok, so the issue is not with the riders in the Yarra Ranges, the issue is with regular everyday riders everywhere else, and so what do the police do? Set up an operation by blanketing an area where the problem isn't, and say that if they don't do this, it may impact their road toll target.

    Seriously, did someone fail at logic?
  4. Any info on this?
  5. That's the operational name of the Community Policing and Education programme whaich has been mentioned numerous times in these forums.
  6. 10,000 new bikes registered in 9 months,
    24 deaths,
    = .0024 %
    Very low incident rate compared to the number of new bikes,
    3 deaths only in the Yarra Ranges,
    Goes to show how they like to twist the figures,
    I have seen the results of 10 bikes that have gone down in the last month,
    Mainly inexperience, from new riders, and travelling too close to the bike in front.
    None were over the Limit, or any where near the speed limit.
    One sore Knee, One bruised ribs,
    Two Totalled bikes,
    You can only gain experience from actually riding lots of KLMS.
    It appears to me from the stats above only, That riding slow is more dangerous than riding fast,
    Please correct me if I am wrong,
  7. I smell compulsary safety gear.
  8. I really bloody hope not.
    I am an ATGATT person, but if they make gear compulsory then they have to certify it.
    And that takes money and paperwork. And that means less stuff coming into our market because lets be honest Australia just isn’t worth it. It also pushes the costs up, and who wares that??? Us the riders.
  9. Yep, I'm the same as you. Been ATGATT for a while but I want to wear whatever I want to wear.

    I've just a funny feeling. It'd be a hell of a road for them to travel down, especially with no real Australian standard for gear. But I can see them bringing that in too and completely f'n the apparel market.

    I'm probably just being paranoid.
  10. What ever happened to air bags for bikes, That was one of the most hair brained schemes ever,
    And safety belts, Hahahahahaha,
  11. Safety belts for bikes? that's like safety belts for go karts. you're better being thrown from a go-kart than strapped in.
  12. Not a positive rport by any means. But it could have been worse if Ken the #$%^ hadn't been misquoted:

    "Mr Lay said motorcycle deaths - which stand at 24 this year compared with 13 this time last year - had soared recently, partly because many roads that motorcyclists liked to use, such as in the Yarra Ranges, were shut because of the bushfires."

    to joe public, this will be confusing. He meant to say that deaths were only down last year because of the bushfires (the lying #$%#) but it came out sounding like current road closures in the Yarra Ranges are the cause.

    As usual, nobody is prepared to go into the actual case-by-case causes. A breakdown of where, when and how this year's toll has come about would probably shoot down his spin.
  13. Being fair, Ken Lay has, in fact, denied that several of these deaths were caused by speed.

    But you're right - we need an in-depth analysis of these crashes to see if there is any common thread although my own suspicions are that it may well be a combination of more riders on the road more often (which is what I think Ken Lay is trying to say).
  14. read also:

  15. My problem with compulsory safety gear is what they will consider 'safety gear'.

    Will denim jeans be considered, or will have to wear 'racing leathers'?

    Will mesh/vented gloves be alright?

    Will you have to wear boots specifically designed for motorcycles, or will foot wear that covers the ankle be sufficient? Or, will simply wearing 'enclosed foot wear' be the minimum?

    Jackets - denim? textile? leather? or is a long sleeve shirt and denim vest the go?

    You can almost guarantee they'll get it wrong. In fact, I'd bet that we couldn't get agreement here on what the minimum requirement should be?
  16. i could pick up a cheap scooter if they make gear compulsory. I've only ever seen one guy wearing all the gear on a scooter.
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  18. Victorian Stats:

    Year Regos Fatals Rate

    2001 094741 62 65.44
    2002 102764 54 52.55
    2003 099072 38 38.36
    2004 102463 36 35.13
    2005 107581 48 44.62
    2006 114438 44 38.45
    2007 123806 43 34.73
    2008 136019 42 30.88
    2009 147600 37 25.07

    In 2010 there have been 25 fatals so far.
    I would estimate 56 fatals and 156886 bike regos for 2010; a rate of 35.69.
    Which would be the worst fatality rate since 2006.

    Regos = Registered motorbikes
    Fatals = Rider fatalities (excluding pillions)
    Rate = Fatalities per 100000 registered motorbikes

    Fatalities data from Australian road deaths database
    Regos data from annual motor vehicle census (31st March)
  19. While even a single death is a tragedy when you are dealing with relatively low numbers like 37 deaths last year it doesn't take much of a statistical variation to mean that her is a huge percentage increase (or decrease if the numbers drop).
  20. The new safety gear specs will require that the safety gear sport airbags that deploy when sensors determine that they are about to hit something. Ever heard of a ZORB?

    I like a soft landing.