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Prescription visors ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I haven't found anything on the net, but was wondering if they exist?

    I know that its possible to get prescription goggles for off road use....

  2. Trouble is, if they exist, when you lift the visor, say in case of fog or whatever, then your vision is suddenly impaired.

    Probably not a good idea.

    I wear specs the lenses of which resemble the Hubble telescope. I wear contacts too on occasion, but they're old and way out of prescription, so they need replacing. Only problem with them is that my eyes tend to get irritated as they dry out, which is a problem on warm to hot days and with a constant airflow up inside the lid.

    So, I tend to stick with glasses. But they aren't good for peripheral vision as when you turn your eyes left or right, for me at least, my vision turns to crap if I can't twist my neck or body around enough to see what's coming.
  3. My eyesight isn't that bad - I've been riding without glasses. Just have some issues reading text at a distance.

    I passed the eye test without glasses for my boat licence 3 years ago, but as my car licence already had glasses condition, they also put it on the boat licence. Very annoying. Vicroads said to go get tested again :-(
  4. i dont like the idea of riding with a large flimsy bit of glass infront of me. but hey why not. also most people have slightly different vision in each eye so u need to isolate each eyes vision.
  5. + 1 criticalness. Having an accident could be hectic with the glass smashing, and small chips will really annoy you.

    And on top of that, imagine the costs of that much surface area when 9cm^2 x 2 is a few hundred dollars, PLUS its a custom design, you'd could be looking at 1500+ easily, not really worth it?
  6. I just stick to the contact lenses. Glasses are uncomfortable and press on the side of my head. I don't think I would like a prescription lens, tho.
  7. Know of quite a few tradies who have perscription safety glasses - looks normal enough to wear around normally, have anti-scratch non-shatter lenses (plastic?)

    Don't cost significantly more then reguar perscriptions, and less of a chance of having to mount a side car for the guide dog. (plus you can wear them while working with tools/with power tools)
  8. I did years ago pay out for getting my diving mask made into a presciption mask.
    it certainly cost me a lot more than a normal mask did

    made the whole diving experience alot better though

  9. This is what I wear. Work subsidises them to aroud $150. Health Ins. covers the rest.

    With such lenses they have to be a minimum thickness, regardless of what your prescription may be. They don't look like something that you'd see young chicks or guys wearing, but they're functional.

    Naturally I've removed the side safety guards. That'd look a tad too goofy...
  10. I took my helmet to the Optometrist to pick out my prescription sunglasses and will take it back to get fitted when they're ready to pick up.

    My optometrist says that when you curve the surface of prescription lenses, the magnification actually changes, so really blind people are better suited to flat lenses - that would be me!!! So a prescription visor would probably not be the best idea, and damn expensive to replace when the bug scratches start building!!!