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Prescription Sunglasses

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions / feedback with their experience in purchasing / wearing prescription sunglasses?

    Costs associated? What was it about the brand / style you wear that helped you choose them?

    And could recommend a good place to get them organised through?

    I've got a tinted visor, but need other options when (not on the bike) out and about on bright ****in days..

  2. I've got some oakleys. they struggle to do any real wrap around with prescription, so keep that in mind when choosing styles.
  3. I wear polarised prescription sunglasses. Got them from specsavers along with my normal sunglasses. Cost was around $400 for two pairs.

    I also have a pair of those photochromic ones but I don't like them as I reckon they're 'old man' glasses.

    Once you've worn polarised glasses you won't go back to cheap sunnies.

    Re the wraparound, the particular pair I have are wraparound. I have a strong prescription and they couldn't do polarised and super-high-index together to the lens is quite thick. I'll take a pic when I get home.
  4. My glasses are transitions they work really well.

    For riding I have Wiley x glasses http://www.wileyx.com.au/catalog/pr..._id=664&wxid=316541cf9fd23fb1ec335d675b271832 I think these are them.

    Cost about $170.00 then put in transition lenses another $220.00

    Bought them from Western motorcycles in Penrith.

    I'm very happy with them, they have a seal around the rim so nothing gets in my eyes and no watering in heavy winds. They do fog up sometimes when getting my gear on but it dissipates at about 10kms an hour.

    They also come with a strap that I put over my ears to hold them in place when putting helmet on.

    Not affiliated just happy, bloody dear though.
  5. I'm in the same boat...Blind as a bat!

    I've looked around for ages and it's hard to find something nice and not wrap around due to my script. I'd like to get transitions as I don't fancy having to carry sunnies and regular specs everywhere this is part of the problem with finding something that will look ok as both. I'm going to look into Ray Bans again as I think they may have something to suit.
  6. Did you literally walk into specsavers and ask for prescription sunnies?

    Polarised would be a good choice.

    $400 is quite a good price (for x2 pair) considering thats what i payed for my current vision glasses (x1 pair)

    I also have a strong prescription, what's high index??

    I've tried tansitions and didnt like paying for something that I felt was a half-assed attempt at combining regular glasses with sunglasses. They're good for screen / light glare in the office, shopping centres etc...but i found them not good enough for being outside / beach / on tour etc...thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Best thing I've found for riding and sunnies is to wear contacts. You don't get glasses sliding down your nose or frame in your line of sight mid corner. Also let's you choose any style sunnies you like.
  8. I've got the frames that are flexible, so they are easier to put on once your helmet is on and don't eventually bend out of shape.
  9. Yes. It was a two-for-one deal, so I got one frame as normal glasses and one as polarised sunnies. They stuffed up the normal glasses order and made them photochromic but didn't charge me for it.

    $400 ish, it depends on which frames you choose and which options you add.

    I am -5.5 on the right and -2.75 on the left. High index lenses are made out of a material that has a higher refractive index. You can usually get them in 1.5 (normal glass or plastic) 1.6 (high index) 1.66 (super high index) and maybe higher.

    A higher refractive index means the lens doesn't need to be as thick to have the same effect so it becomes lighter. Naturally the higher the RI, the more cost.

    Agreed, I got mine at no cost. I wouldn't pay for it as I don't really like it.

    See below for some pics:
    1. Crappy photo of me with the sunnies on in Kakadu

    2. Comparison of the thickness of the lens between the polarised sunnies (lower) that are standard index and my daily glasses which are 1.66 index. This is the right lens, the really strong one. The left lens basically dissapears behind the frame.
  10. My tip is take your helmet with you when you buy the sunglasses. My normal specs fit fine in my helmet but sunnies (as they have wider arms) don't fit and I have a shark helmet with the 'easy fit' glasses tabs.

    Depending on what type of style you fancy I have been going to Perfect Vision Optical in the Strand Arcade for years now. They have interesting styles as I like bright or bold specs. They are pricey though, my sunnies cost about $550 with my prescription and to be polarised but I did end up with a pair I love and will keep for years.

    Good luck!
  11. @wok, thanks for the write up, info will be put to good use.

    @luna, thanks for the referral and numbers