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prescription sunglasses help

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by phil01, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. any tips for some sunnies that are prescription , - open face helmet suitable but prescription
    ones ?

  2. Not sure what the question really is, but, I have worn prescription sunnies more or less since ever polaroid sunnies became available with plastic lenses.

    I wear then with an open face helmet with a visor, and also with flip front helmets.

    I wouldn't suggest wearing JUST prescription sunnies, without something else to protect you from crap hitting your face.

    Before the flip front helmets appeared, I used to wreck sunnies on an annual basis, having to squeeze them in to a full face helmet, but, when BMW brought in their first flip front helmet, it was like all my Chrismasses had arrived at once. :)

    Only down side of prescription sunnies is that you either have to carry your clear glasses too, or plan very carefully, not to get caught in the dark.
  3. You really want impact resistant plastic (acrylic) if you're going to ride without a visor. Glass shards are extremely bad news.
  4. I believe that Wiley x do a bike sunnies that you can get prescription lenses for
  5. That they do Wiley X are great!!
  6. what i dont understand is this - prescription available etc. - i am new to this caper,
    so what i buy the glasses then take them to the optomtrist?, that would then cost a ton more perhaps maybe .

    i found a uk sight that is switched on , glasses to you , fill out the prescription stuff they make and post ...
  7. Sure are I have 2 sets of Wiley X
    But not needing prescription lenses, wasn't 100% sure
  8. Phil, have a look here

  9. Yeah I remember the prescription stuff from when I was researching sunglasses and glad I went the wileyx the inner so helps keeping dirt out of your eyes, also non prescription as I don't wear glasses but recall the option.
  10. Clearly Contacts do the same http://www.clearlycontacts.com.au
    You nee the PD which sometimes isn't included in the prescription.
  11. I just went through the same process and ended up with Bolle from OPSM. They are polarized and polycarbonate lenses and wrap around. Wiley-X and Fugglies have a foam insert to reduce wind and rubbish in the eye but I found these work just as well. They should last and not scratch easily being polycarbonate. All seem around a similar price. Not every supplier can produce wrap around prescription lenses which you need to help reduce wind in the eyes.
  12. A bit different, but if you are not into day time contact lenses, I've had a bit of success with orthokeratology.

    You wear permanent lenses while you sleep and they correct your vision. Then you dont need anything during the day. Can just wear normal sunnies then.
  13. Oakley's
    Expensive but the best IMO
  14. Transition lenses...so you don't have to carry another pair of clear specs if you end up riding in the dark.

    Also, Australian prices for specs are over the top. I haven't tried buying online outside of Oz, but I was in Manila last year and I paid a fraction of the price there with the same quality that you get here. The interesting thing was that when I ordered my specs in Manila; the shop said come back in an hour and they'll be ready. Why can't they do that here in Melbourne. Normally, I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for my specs.
  15. if you get prescription oakley they have to make the prescription in the U.S then ship it over here. i usually have to wait around 2 weeks for it to come in. i'v never had any other prescription sunnies other than oakley because they were the first brand i tried and im happy so there is no need to change. that and i get them for almost free every 2 years
  16. great help al round , some questions thou.

    pod - how much ? ones i have found online i am up for
    around $300. seems only os do actual prescription glasses , i am not keen on inserts ..
    but if opsm do locally around same that would be the go.

    willy x look and sound ok but no actual prescription - i think you buy then take to get insert .

    for what i consider big bucks for sunnies i want the real deal actual prescription lenses

    joah two weeks is cool by me how much
    is that deal worth roughly ? and where / how
  17. i went through opsm and they handle everything. they will tell you what frames are available for prescription and how much the upcharge is. i think most popular oakley frames are in the $200-$300 bracket and from memory it cost somewhere around $600 for the new lenses and frames all up.

    i get them every 2 years because im in the defence force but it may be worth joining private health cover to get some free glasses/sunnies
  18. As far as I could tell looking at the Wiley x website, you pick the frames your after and send off your prescription detail and they make the lenses, not an insert, might be worth sending them an email
  19. $600 dollars holly f@#₩.
    uk dealer is half that with lenses for bolle
    thats really what i needed to knowcos
    300 didnt sound cheap.

    i bet being government they overcharge
    everyone does.
    i have cover so i will give opsm a visit