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prescription riding sunnies....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. I know there must already be a thread on this somewhere, but I'm buggered if I can find it.

    I have typical 'old bastard' vision. From a metre away my vision is excellent, good enough for a pilot medical without glasses, but from a metre and closer, it goes to hell in a basket. I am looking to buy some wrap-around sunnies like the 'Wiley X' range or similar, with prescription lenses that are bifocal, ie clear from the top to around 2/3rds down, and then about +1.5 for the last third. Has anybody bought any similar sunnies? if yes how do you find them in use, and where did you buy them?

  2. I would be interested also. Need to get new glasses current frames are about to die on me. Thinking about transition lens.
  3. i'm considering prescription sunnies but i have heard that transition lenses are not good for riding. Takes too long to change in sudden conditions. ie lit tunnels and then into the night (black vision until glasses clear)

    for now i think i'd stay with my dormal specs and swapable visors... at least until i get going on a the bike
  4. I have prescription Polariods, and wouldn't leave home without them, especially in summer. Mine are single prescription, but I could have had dual zone or even triple zone (top to bottom) had I wanted to. Talk to your optometrist, and if you are in a private health fund, you should have them pay about 2/3 of the cost.
  5. I currently have transition lenses in my specs, and have never had a problem with using them on the bike for that reason. I'm wearing them in my avatar. The only reason I want some sunnies for riding is that my glasses have those bendy 'indestructible' titanium wire frames, and it's really hard to get them into my helmet because the frames just bend and won't poke between my head and the padding without a lot of fuss. I want some wrap-around sunnies with straight arms that will slide in easily.
  6. I could use some too.

    I've been thinking of going with contact lenses, too. Getting the glasses in under the helmet is crazy and my current helmet seems to hate them.
  7. i have the same problem and have thought about transitions or now contacts (though the thought of sticking fingers in my eyes is not pleasant).

    with the tinted helmet visors do people have problems as the light changes eg tunnels, tree lined areas or even as dusk approaches. is it necessary to change back to clear on dull days or during a trip.

    it is not easy to carry a sepearte visor, but sunnies are - which leads me back to thinking about contacts
  8. I've been thinking of these people, the prices are in US dollars.


    The styles are what I'm after, and the prices seem reasonable.
  9. they look interesting....

    might have to look into it a bit more closely
  10. The problem with my perscription sunnies with the visor is it tints all reflective surfaces a fairly funky shade of reflective purple.

    Don't know if I'm describing it correctly, but it's like I'm on shrooms.

    So I just change the visor instead.
  11. From what I've understood it sounds as if you are long sighted. I'm in the oppostie category: short sighted and it may not apply at all to your case. However, I had discussions with my spectacle maker regarding Oakley Monster Dog sunglasses. In my case, he was having grave reservations about achieving consistent optical effects with the curvature of the lense. Although it was possible to order through Oakley he suggested buying them to use sans prescription.
    Having said that I have a curved pair of Persols (which are less wrap around) where it has been possible to use a prescription.

  12. Not all prescriptions can be made into sunnies with a lot of curve to them. However in your case inci, it sounds like you have a weak prescription anyway so that shouldnt be a problem. Try and show your optometrist the sunnies your considering before buying them and hopefully he can tell if they will work with your prescription.

    I have a pair of prescription sunnies however i am not using them much at all these days as i've got the contacts all sorted now. Contacts are no doubt much better, but some people are more happy with glasses. I had the exact same problem as you inci with the fancy titanium glasses frames not being stiff enough to push into the helmet padding, thats why i got the prescription sunnies in the first place.
  13. I personally have a pair of polarised prescription sunnies in a normal glasses frame, but I did buy a frame with straighter arms, and made sure they were sturdy.

    As for wrap arounds, my best mate has a pair of prescription oakleys for driving which she swears by.