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Prescription goggles

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Doeven09, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. I've taken to riding with a tinted visor at all times for most of the winter. I haven't really ventured out of the city, so light levels haven't been a problem. With summer coming i don't think i want to risk getting stuck out in the hills in the dark, with only a tinted visor. So i'm thinking about getting some goggles to take with me.
    Only problem is i wear glasses, has anyone else gotten prescription lenses put into mc goggles? If so which brand/model were they and also i'm wondering how much they were?

  2. Have you thought about just carrying a spare clear visor and swapping them over if you get delayed? Most helmet visors are pretty easy to change once you know how.
  3. If I know I'll be out after dark, I swap over to my clear visor with prescription sunnies underneath, then swap to regular glasses when it gets dark. Works for me.
  4. There are goggles that have mounts for prescription lenses underneath, but they're very expensive without the prescription lenses mounted. Methinks what MV and the others do is probably the easiest.
  5. I wear Adidas sunglasses that have a plastic insert for a prescription lense.

    They cost me $600 5 years ago and a replacement prescription lens is $120. It's less than that depending on your health cover.

    I carry my normal glasses with me, for when the light starts to fade.

    You could also try transition lenses, I've found they work reasonably well.

    But which every way you go, don't get polorised lenses.
  6. Yeah, i asked my GF's optometrist about it today and he hadn't heard of anyone getting a pair before, but he said no matter the brand or type the prescription lenses would be setting me back a pretty penny.
    I always find it annoying to take a second visor but i think its the only really viable alternative.
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  10. you could always try contact lenses.