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prescribe me a bike please....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by halifax, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. hey guys as a quick rundown im goin for my l's in a few months so obviously a bike will come soon after that the thing is though i dunno what to get,
    im bout 5'8 and weigh 65kg's the purpose for the bike will specifically be for twisties and national park runs ive got a budget of round 4-5k and am not fussed whether its 2 stroke, 4 stroke, 125cc,250 cc or whatever i just wanna find out what u think sounds good for me
    o and ive searched but couldnt find anything that met my criteria so if u could help id really appreciate it thanks guys

  2. If you're in NSW, and you're really 2m tall, something like a GS500E, which is learner-legal under LAMS, would be the best of very few options.
  3. If your 6'8 about the only 250 you will prolly find comfortable to ride will be a cruiser...
  4. where are you from? NSW lams laws would be ideal with your height, one of the 400/500cc bikes covered under that would be the shot (more angling towards the 400s, they're a bit racier). they're a little taller/longer/wider and will feel like less of a toy to someone your height.

    otherwise, have a shot at a hyosung comet 250 or a bandit 250. the comet is quite tall already and the bandit takes a quick suspension mod to make it quite a bit taller than most 250s. both are naked and have taller/wider MX type bars on them so the riding position will be much comfier than a ZXR/CBR/FZR. have a look at the Zeal, Balius and hornet aswell but i dont know much about them other than they are in the same sort of class as the bandit.

    or another option is to go and grab an XR/TTR 250 (dirt squirter) and slap some roadie tyres on it. they wont be much chop on the highways but they haul ass through twisties if the rider has enuff skill :D
  5. A big trailie eg. XT600, XR600.
  6. Holy cow, 6'8 and only 65kgs?? Are you a male version of lil then?? :LOL:
  7. You are a Long Tall Streak of Duck S*@t aren't ya :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    How about a Penny Farthing there quite tall and good fuel Economy too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. ah crap haha im 5'8 shouldv read over my post and i also live in nsw for those of u wondering
  9. I recommend that the minimum spec you should be looking for is two wheels and an engine!
  10. Second that....adding Dominator/ F650 BMW/ Aprilia Pegaso to that.
    For all of which you can get fairly sticky road-tyres, too.
    Not too many good 250-strokers left...
  11. haha! :LOL:

    5'8 is a bit easier then :wink: just about any of the sports 250s will be fine, just go to a few shops and sit on a few bikes.
  12. Hehehe... my man is 6'8" and just a hair over 70kg... he disappears when he turns sideways, like a cardboard cutout :LOL: I'm teaching him to ride my zzr250, with his knees around his ears. Much more suited to a 5'8" rider around the same weight, but has all those pretty (read: expensive to replace) fairings which you probably don't want. Try a gpx250 same engine, less pretty. Good luck huntin' -J.
  13. Yeah, a GPX/GPZ250 or a ZZR250 would be perfect. I would stick with a twin cylinder four stroke, plenty of low down poke where a learner will be 90% of the time, and both these models are easy to find for that sort of money in decent condition. Easy to ride, but they will keep you entertained for a while after mastering the basics.
  14. ok sweet thanks guys ive been looking thru bikesales and so on but havent gone and checked anything out mite go this weekend to giv me a idea, thats the other thing i want something that will keep me happy for a while meaning something with a bit of poke any other suggestions anyone....?
  15. If you are after something that will keep you happy for a while then that most likely equals a four cylinder 250. Probably can't go wrong with a Bandit, and with the sort of money you have it will get you a later model (Australian released) model (variable valve timing).

    I started out on the earlier model, and found it a little top heavy (I am 60kg's), but it had enough perfomance to keep me interested for a while. Ergo's were sporting enough but comfy for long trips too.

    If it is a four cylinder you are after, I recommend a naked for a first bike!
  16. are you in vic? if so, any of the inline 4 250s are the shot. CBR, FZR, ZXR or Bandit, Hornet, Balius, Zeal. either that or a 2 stroker, just be aware that they require more maintenance, cost more to run and arent the friendliest for learners but they DO go like a cut cat compared to the 4 stroke 250s.

    if in NSW, a 4 cyl 400 thats on the lams list would be the shot. they feel like 250s but have heaps more go in them. bandit, XJR, VFR spring to mind.

    dunno much about the other states tho, they're all too far away :LOL: