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Preparing for my loss of license...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. So after uni on Tuesday night i must admit the lack of sleep and burdens of a continuous 60+hour work weeks has taken a toll on me... my head was in the clouds. The safety camera on Wattle St Ultimo flashed at me as i went past, i was the only vehicle on the vicinity.

    I'm on my P1's and i understand any speeding offence is an automatic loss of license, here in NSW, despite having a gold drivers license for 11 years.

    So how do i prep for this 3/4 month hiatus? By the time i'm legal to ride again i'll be almost on an unrestricted license. Is it worth selling the 250? or re-registering it again as current rego expires at end of september, only to let it rot in the garage? How long does SDRO take to send out offences?

    Most of all, as for someone with the bike as an only vehicle, how does one cope with commute (considering i live a fair distance from the train station?) 'Suck it up' i guess is the only answer.
  2. I hadn't heard that you lose your licence for that. ANY alcohol inyour system, then yes.
    Not sure about speeding though?
  3. This is from the RTA website:

    Licence suspension for any speeding offence for P1 drivers and provisional riders.
    As a P1 driver or provisional rider you will receive a minimum of four demerit points and have your licence suspended for at least three months if you speed on or after 1 July 2007. A fine is also payable.
  4. Licence suspension for any speeding offence for P1 drivers and provisional riders.
    As a P1 driver or provisional rider you will receive a minimum of four demerit points and have your licence suspended for at least three months if you speed on or after 1 July 2007. A fine is also payable.


    Not real smart to be riding if you are that tired, well at least you didn't crash and hurt yourself.
  5. You should also note that the three month vacation does not count towards your time on your P's, it effectively pauses until you get your license back.

    I had a similar incident a few weeks ago, just spaced and forgot about the speed camera I go past nearly every day. Luckily I'm on my green P's, so I still have 3 points left. It's been 3 weeks today, still waiting for the notice.

  6. As noted above, this is my only mode of transport. I sold my car over a year ago.

    ORLY? Damn that sux. I was under the impression that it keeps going? and i remember reading somewhere that in NSW SDRO have to send the notice within 10 working days or its no longer valid? Can someone clarify that?
  7. That's utterly ridiculous. Typical government retardation.
  8. It is almost as dangerous to be tired when riding as drink riding. If you were drunk and the bike was "your only choice" would you ride?
  9. Most people get tired every day/night, most people don't get drunk every night.

    When we all have an ideal life with ample sleep, I am sure no one would drive/ride tired...

    Until then, it is simply a necessity that people will be on personal transport at various states of alertness.

    I'm sure that no one else here in a state of less than ideal alertness has crept over the limit, car or bike.
  10. can you ask for special consideration? considering that you havent had an issue for 11 years, your still learning, no mode of transport etc.
  11. The OP was claiming that this was not normal tiredness but was from longer than average working hours (60 hours I believe).

    Most people do not do these hours, and if they do they should not risk others lives on the road.

    We argue that the nanny state should stay out of our lives, how about we take some responsibility for our safety and choose not to ride/drive when we are unsafe. The area where the OP was caught is well served in both taxis and public transport.
  12. Doubt it AZ. I only got my drivers license back last year after a 3 month suspension for 3 years of demerit points (i used to work as a driver.) It won't look good in court if i challenged this!
  13. What's it like on your planet? (It sounds like a tedious place full of knob-jockeys but who knows it might be nice there just the company lets it down.)
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  14. Not sure how much you work in the city, but I have quite a few colleagues who work these hours - and at any of the top firms you will get a significant amount who do, then go down, jump in their cars and drive home after yet another 14-16 hour work day.

    It is quite common and often unavoidable. People often drive into work for various reasons on little to no sleep... People commuting in private transport while tired is just a fact of life.
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  15. That sucks mate.

    I got done by that camera leaving UTS a few months ago. Fortunately they didn't have the signs up and the camera was just flashing but they weren't issuing tickets.

    You never know. You might get lucky and still be in the grace period (do they still have these for safety cameras?)

    If you have a full car license, loosing 4 points on your motorbike wont mean you loose your car license. If you're super desperate for a means of transport just buy a cheapo (<$500) car to get you by for the three months.
  16. And lots of people jump in their cars after downing 5 schooners at the pub. Just because other people do it doesn't mean that it is right, they should also be choosing safer methods of getting home.

    I am not saying that the OP is unique, or that other people aren't doing it, but we all need to take personal responsibility for our safety, there are many studies that shows that tiredness can increase the likelihood of an accident.

    If we don't do it the government will, by introducing a "blink test" or something to reduce the accidents, then the nanny state whingers will come out saying it is just a revenue raiser when we bought it upon ourselves. If we self police and recognise that we shouldn't be riding/driving then we can defeat the nanny state.

    Beat the nanny state, take responsibility of yourself.
  17. If your bike is carburetted drain the float bowls, you can also drain the tank if you like. Or give it to a mate to ride for the three weeks to keep it going. Disconnect the battery.

    You can buy a road race pushie for undre $150 on ebay, it will be old (shifters on the down tube old) but they are quick and a fair bit of fun. Try to find one with a chromoly (chrome molybdenum steel alloy) frame. Make sure it fits your height.

    I would say get a cheap sub $1000 car for the suspension, but at least in VIC a suspension carries over to bikes/cars/boats as it's all one licence.
  18. Oh goody, more government laws based upon hypothetical dangers and outcomes.

    BAHAH :rofl:

    Thankyou sir, well trolled.
  19. Equating the 2 is silly though. Drinking is a leisure activity that people choose to do. I am sure everyone would like to not get tired, but it is a fact of life we have to deal with. People need to get in cars and drive under less than ideal conditions often

    Not quite sure how the thread got to this point... But anyways, its a speeding fine due to lack of attention that at some point everyone has. I mean, doing a long drive somewhere you can't just say, oh I am tired now, lets just lie on the side of the road for 4 hours before doing my last 100km...
  20. A friend of mine got a ticket once - he had pulled over to have a sleep on the side of the road because he was dozing off while driving. Explain that one to me...