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Premium unleaded fuel shortage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cats, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. just visited 8 servos in melbournes eastern subs ......and none have premium unleaded .... i asked the guy in the last place ( a BP ) and he said its not likely to be available till late december ?????? anyone know the deal here ... and it wasent just bp either ... caltex ....shell ....ampol .... all were out

  2. problems at Shell's Geelong plant.
  3. Wonderful, so what happens to all the vehicles that run only on premium?
    Will Shell compensate for those people for lost revenue/traveltime etc?
  4. Do shell have any obligation to suppy premium fuel?
  5. I guess their reply will be run normal unleaded with some octane booster in it.

    Consumer always wears the cost.
  6. so they gonna pay for the octane booster?
  7. The don't have an obligation to supply fuel.
    They are private company so they are not obligated to provide anything.
    Point is they DO supply it and as such in vic at least supply all premium fuels for all victorian servos including the other brands (don't ask me how but they do)
    So as a result they are "obliged" as such to do so.
  8. Hmm well i can see youd be annoyed, as would i because i refuse to use anything other than the 98's. But surely theyre only hurting themselves and youd assume are trying to fix the problem. I think its expecting a little much to be wanting octane booster or compensation of anysort...
  9. Not for me personally
    Industries like transport industries that may rely on premium unleaded that lose revenue as a result would be affected.
    When the privately run gas company exploded here a few years back they had to compensate for businesses that relied on gas for their industries because they could not supply what was required.
    There is no difference in this case since there is no other supplier of premium in victoria.
  10. If that's the case, they're business plans should accommodate the temporary and permanent loss of Premium unleaded fuel.

    Apple vs. Oranges. Gas is a regulated business, Premium unleaded is not.

    Yes there is. Mobil in Altona supplies 50% of Victoria.
  11. :shock: Make up your mind :p
  12. they get their supplies pipelined from Shell
  13. It was muddled what I said but you get the gist of the message I hope. :p
  14. Incorrect.
  15. I would guess that it's related to the diesel contamination issue for Mobil/Caltex and their Sydney refinery, and/or an issue with Shell's Geelong refinery and it's rediness for dropping Benzene from 5% to 1% for Jan 1st.
  16. Got another source apart from your own?
    (devil's advocate mode)
  17. We put Syn 8000 (so premium is available) into our car yesterday, obviously at a Mobil - we only ever try to buy Mobil (even though they are making it harder and harder by shutting down more and more servos). Mobil is currently shipping its Syn 8000 in from Singapore rather than refining it here, as they claim it is cheaper to do so.
  18. I just filled up Black Betty with Mobil Premium in the Eastern suburbs.
  19. thats a tad harsh, what did she do to you?
  20. I dunno, she smiled afterwards. :D

    You should have seen the way the rubber balled up after a heavy session at the Island. :LOL: