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premium ulp in powelltown?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by oz_johnno, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Is it available ??


  2. From memory, there's no fuel in powelltown at all - yarra junction would be the nearest source, I think...
  3. correct, no fuel in powelltown and noojee (normal unleaded) varies from day to day, but don't expect to get any fuel there. Yarra Junction or Moe depending on which way you are coming from.
  4. where is the servo in yarra junction, i thought they had stopped selling fuel no too :-s you generally need to go to the top of the hill (before noojee, forgot name of place, and the bloke comes out and fills each bike, pain in the ass) or stop in launching place
  5. Launching Place, Cafe in Noojee, Moe, There is no other fuel stops available.
  6. Launching Place or Warburton (Shell) would be the go. Not too sure about Launching Place, never stopped there. Not E10 is it?
  7. neerim was the place i was thinking....launching place has 2 servos the log cabin at the bottom of the hill and the servo at the top of the hill, i believe they both have ulp
  8. Premium available in Trafalgar, if heading south
  9. I've been caught out at Noojee where there was a padlock on the bowser and no fuel, headed down to Neerim Junction at a General Store and they fill up for you. Yarra Junction would be closer for Powelltown or even Warburton if you're after premium.
  10. The padlock is always on at Noojee, You have to ask in the shop to open the bowser, But I do believe that they run out of fuel quite often,
  11. I see that a new petrol station is now operating at Marysville.
  12. No shop though and NO CASH sales - you have to swipe your card, select bowser number, take fuel and swipe again if you need the receipt(the receipt roll was out today)