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Premium sitting in a tank for <3 months

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by CBRKelly, May 16, 2006.

  1. I am the (very) proud owner of a '94 CBR 1000F, but for several reasons, the poor thing is only getting started / ridden once roughly every month (give or take a couple weeks) for an hr or so at a time (to help keep the battery in good condition - at least i'm hoping it is :S).

    It's been treated this way since Dec last year.

    Question, i filled it with Mobile Synergy 8000 (as i always do) in late feb... the bike is now down to a quarter of a tank on that same fuel (i've ridden it 3 times since then) ... is it bad to be running it on this fuel? The bike still seems to run just fine on it... my only hassle is when i try to start it up after each month, it takes a good couple of minutes sometimes (and the fuel STINKS when it finally starts, like it was flooded, too much choke perhaps :S - i'm still trying to perfect my cold start process).

    I'm assuming if the bike still happily runs (once warmed up) on this old fuel, then no damage is being caused?

    Any feedback would be appreciated, i wouldnt have a clue how to remove the tank off this thing to drain it (i'm not mechanically minded) ... perhaps my next trip out, it would be wise to dash up to the servo and fill it back up with fresh stuff?

    Cheers for the input folks.
  2. I was told premium can go "off" real quick and you shouldn't leave it in the tank for more than 2 weeks to 1 month max...

    I know a bloke who runs premium on his dirt bike and if it sits in the shed for longer than a month he drains it and gets fresh fuel when he next goes out.
  3. if you can't hear/feel it pinging and you don't lug it or wring its neck on old fuel, I wouldn't worry about it. Biggest problem with old fuel is it gumming up the carbs as the volatiles come off leaving sludgy residues behind.
  4. Should be ok, if it was two stroke then no way but the straight premium should be good.
    Maybe just fill her to a quater tank and fill it back each time you go out that way you shoundlt build up to much old fuel
    Or you could just ride it more :wink: :LOL:
  5. Sitting for a month or so won't do TOO much to the fuel, but I wouldn't expect it's octane rating to stay as high as it was. Meaning, detonation MIGHT be an issue if run hard.
    Gumming takes months and months to form, so again, should be right there too.
    Condensation is your biggest problem, and the best way to fight that is to put teh bike away with a full tank every time. Either that, or drain it completely and leave the lid open.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. cheers for the peace of mind! Will do the things mentioned in future.

    Thanks to everyone for their input.
  7. From what a mechanic told me, only Optimax goes off really quickly. The other premium fuels should last a bit longer.

    But then you've gotta take everything mechanics say with a pinch of salt. ;)
  8. Hi Kelly,

    Have often left the bike for long periods of time And never had a problem. I usually use the same fuel as you. When I did my knee it didnt get ridden for 3 months besides the occasional start and it was still ok. Having said that, I dont know if its had any effect internally, and I dont know if it's more of a problem with carb's than fuel injection.

    To sum up, dont listen to me,I dont really know much at all.