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premium petrol - dirty carby and black plugs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ben80, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I know there has been some debate as to using premium petrol on here, but I was wondering if anyone has had any specific issues such a carbonation on plugs and blocked up carby as a direct result of using premium?

    I am very new to riding and bought a duc monster 400 as part of the lams scheme and couldnt get it started late last week. on my ride to work it needed more choke than normal, then after about a 20 minute highway run it stalled on some quieter streets after coming to a full stop. that night it wouldnt start at all. After having eventually getting to a mechanic the guys were saying that it was most likely caused from running premium.
    Just wondering if anyone had similar experience with their bikes?

  2. Sounds like your using Shell petrol, well known for fouling plugs..
  3. I have had problems with fouling of my Tuono as I only put Premium in it.

    What I was told by the Aprilia mechanic, and is quite often up for debate, is that as age premium fuels burn at a higher temperature, running around town does not burn the fuel properly and I should only use the top premium when doing longer riding.

    I think it is bullsh1t and I have a lemon.
  4. My SR500 will foul on premium, whereas the Hornet 600 would ping on 91 when under harder acceleration. From what I've read: use the lowest grade you can, so as to avoid carbonation, but if it pings go to the next higher one.
  5. The duc needs premium from memory. There does appear to be differences in the formula for premiums. Shop around and find the one that suites you. You may need to have the carbies tuned to suite your premium and maybe different plugs.

    Is it an import 400 or one of the few bought in by the factory? If it's an import, chances are you'll need to have it re-jetted.
  6. Thanks Ibast - it is an import from Japan

    The owners manual is saying to use 95-98 RON. So Im a bit confused with the advise from the mechanic. If it was using a higher grade fuel in Japan than what we have, then why am I getting carbonation using our premium?
  7. Optimax had some fouling issues with carbied bikes. You'll be hard pressed to find similar with Vpower.
  8. The number refers to the octane content of the fuel. The higher it is, the harder it is to burn. Higher octane fuels are used in engines with high compression ratios to prevent the fuel igniting from pressure before the piston gets to TDC. If you have a high compression engine, use high octane fuel and vice versa.
  9. 95 and 98 are a cocktail of chemicals. So whilst the octane rating may be correct other additives may be causing the fouling. Hence the need to try different brands.
  10. Thanks guys, I had previously used optimax. Will try something different next time...
  11. Where did you buy Optimax?? It hasn't been sold for a few years now.
  12. Think they still call it Optimax up here in qld.
    V98 is good. Even V95 works very well. The shell 100 is also a gooden. But use it all up or drain it.
    Get your bike tuned to what juice you are running. And stick with it.
    How long the fuel has been sitting in the ground or in your tank matters too.

  13. http://www.colesexpress.com.au/shell-fuels.aspx

    Taking that link at face value, Optimax isn't sold in Australia... so that could just be old legacy advertising material at those QLD servo's.
  14. I always assumed it was the same shit anyway, just with a rename because of the negativity out there regarding Optimax.
  15. yeh i think thats right, the shell servo near my place still has the old advertising on the pumps. time to try a new servo anyway. whats the equivalent at bp?

  16. there's a 95 and a 98 at BP. I use the 95 on the Triumph and have used it on carbied bikes and not had a significant problem. The only thing I've noticed is it is seasonable variable and I can get a slight pinging at certain times of year if the weather changes unexpectedly.
  17. Hey it's QLD They show xmas ads in easter. Or least weeks TV ads. After all these years it still cracks me up.
  18. The Shell propaganda says it's all new.
  19. +1 to this. My bike runs at its best on 91. I initially used Shell V-Power, thinking I was doing te best thing for my bike, but when I switched to BP 91 the smoother, cooler running was immediately obvious.

  20. The best fuel to use on a bike, is the type of fuel it's designed to run.