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Premium Fuel??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lilredgissexer, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys n Gals,

    I have a K5 GSXR 600, and am wondering about premium fuel. Does anyone know if it is a problem to run Premium Fuel in my bike? The reason I ask is that my dealer told me to run normal unleaded only in it????

    Cheers, Lilred

  2. umm, the reason for higher octane fuel is to avoid pre-detonation caused by the lower rating fuel igniting before the cylinder reached TDC.

    Most bikes (like yours) run at cylinder pressures of 12:1 and higher and should be run on premium.
  3. That would be some Banoobi humour.

    Lil, what does your manual say?
  4. You will need to run 110 octane fuel in that bike.
  5. :rofl:
    where can i get some of that...? :grin:
  6. Doesn't the additives in premium fuels make motorbikes run badly?

  7. Lil,

    I have to apologise. Rob's right. Check what the owners manual states and run that for a few tanks. Later on play around with the octane rating above that to see if it makes a difference.

    You won't do any significant harm by running higher octane, you may just find it run differently and you may just be wasting money.
  8. The higher octane rating helps to smooth out the detonations in higher compression engines.

    Bikes have higher compression engines than cars since the wheels are bigger and therefore the engine is higher off the ground.

    Diesels are usually found in trucks and 4x4's are higher off the ground again and so have the highest compression of all.

    Apart from the higher octane rating, more expensive fuels have additives and detergents to assist with engine wear. You can get the same effect by buying cheaper fuel and adding a cup ful of laundry detergent to each tank.

    Alternatively you could follow your manual.
  9. ^^^If thats BMW humor I like it :LOL:
  10. Thanks for all the replies....even the completely stoopid ones :grin:

    For the record I am a qualified motor mechanic, so I know the advantages of premium fuel and what it is. I was just a little mystified when my dealer said to run normal unleaded only.....prolly covering his butt as far as warranty went though.

    I had to ask, because to be honest, I know buggar all about bike engines!!!
  11. On behalf of the stupid repliers, thankyou.

    I would have thought the dealer would be covering his butt more by telling you to run on premium.

    If your bike only needs regular, running premium won't hurt (except your wallet) but if it needs premium, then running regular won't be doing it any good.

    But Rob said it all.... what does the manual say?
  12. Small problem with the manual.....I appear to have mislaid it! (Read: Lost)
  13. From a Google search:

    I'd reckon it's recommended you run 87 :wink: (though most were US sites)

    So standard fuel :grin: happy days, the NSR requires 95...$$$
  14. US use a slightly different octane rating system. Don't take that advice.

    You've lost the manual?? Well give Honda Australia a call about the petrol and about getting a new manual. By your own admission, you're not ofay with a bike and the manual will be very helpful....

    In the mean time, I reckon a high performance bike would start with AUSTRALIAN 95RON as minimum fuel. You can't hurt the bike with too high a RON, but you can with too low.
  15. Yeah.

    I looked up the equivalent for 87 US; it's 91 RON for Europe and Australia... so, our regular unleaded.
  16. Wake up Roberto, why would Honda want to help an owner of a GSXR?
  17. Yes, but the US manuals were recommending the standard octane fuel out of their options. So not overall octane, but standard octane fuel is what I should have said.
  18. Ooops. I meant what I knew. :LOL:

    The message is still the same, get a manual and ask someone in the know about fuel. If the gixxer takes standard unleaded, then sweet, more dollars in your pocket :)
  19. my cbr600f3 specifies 91 in the manual, putting premium in it actually makes it run worse - not as snappy on and off the throttle. Denser fuel with more performance potential IF tuned for it.. if not you may just run rich (which is most likely whats happening in my case)