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Premium fuel?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DrSlug, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Ah the old age question of which fuel to use, such a tough question.

    No idea though so i cant help ya, except all i reckon is you can never go past premium in anything as its meant to be cleaner and more consistant, or so ive heard. When i start up a fuel refinery in my backyard ill be able to answer that question a bit better. :LOL: :LOL:
  2. i heard that if you use the normal unleaded fuel on the zx2r, it will damage your spark plugs. my bike has always used bp ultimate and have no probs there.
  3. Havent got a ZX2R but when i bought my vtr the guy said use only standard not premium. He said if I ring him up after I break down the first question he will ask is what type of fuel did i use. Not sure why tho :?
  4. In My experience I have shopped around to see what Fuel works best in the Bikes that I've had. Some Bikes I've had ran rich on premium. Others Ran poorly on Optimax but fine on other premium fuels. Some loved just regular....
    Just find the one that works for your bike.

    The manual should tell you reccomended RON. Aim for that. If a higher RON works for you great. If just a regular fuel works well (listen for the ping, that means it doesn't), then think of the $$$$ you'll save....
  5. My Spada sings on the Shell 95 stuff, otherwise its Mobil 8000? The dearer stuff.
  6. i use normal unleaded on my bike
    though once in a while i like to chuck in a bit of the good stuff just to see if i can feel the difference
  7. BP or Caltex 98, or at a pinch Mobile. Shell has made my cars and bike run really badly, and the jury is out on the 100 octane stuff. My bike (sv650) will run on ULP, but likes the PULP
  8. the amount of extra performance you will get out of using PULP on your ZX2 is hardly worth the extra few bucks it costs to use.
    I've got two mates with ZX2's and both use normal unleaded without an issue and both agree there is sweet stuff all diference when using PULP. Mind you they are picky about there petrol, they mainly use Mobil or BP.
  9. A zx2r, given it's age and state of tune won't even begin to take advantage of higher RON fuels. When new they were 12.2:1, given 10+ years of abuse that's probably dropped significantly. Just use regular and spend what you save on beer!
  10. it'll depend entirely on the bike, but i'd say if its not running BADLY then just stick to the cheap stuff :wink:

    list of bikes i've tested with different fuels:
    95 bandit250 - only ran well on 98 fuels cept optimax, ran like a dog)
    96 GPX250 - ran better on 92 fuels
    96 thundercat - ran well on anything
    99 ZX7R - runs best on 96 or 98 fuels (so i dont waste my money on 98s)

    and after having a shot at thatethanol fuel in my car, which has never had a problem with any fuels, i'll NEVER go there again. less power, VERY poor economy and seemingly left some crap floating at the top of the fuel because that tank plus the next two fills left the car sputtering and stalling when it got closer to the empty mark :?
  11. i know a couple of blokes that ride harleys and swear by optimax, there are a few bikes that really love the stuff. besides a couple of blackbird riders tho, every jap bike rider i know swear they'll never touch the stuff again....
  12. its a bit of a debate. I run a older car, for street and club level racing (carby, high comp etc), and find that shell fuel used to make teh car splutter and carry on. I tried some of the 100 octance shell and found it pretty good, though it does have bad fuel economy. A very good mate runs a modded evo8, and found the 98shell pretty bad, it used to leave yellow scum up the rear bar, but all the evo boys seem to love the new 100 octane stuff. I know my uncle with his 749s duke was told by the dealer to only run 98 octane non shell, as the shell was to heavy and the ecu was not mapped for the hevier fuel.

    There seems to be many differenet ideas, and thoery's. i think it comes down to try some different fuels and see what your bike/car/setup likes the most. But a bisic rule is if its high performance or modded, try a PULP rather than a ULP.
  13. SHell Optimax has long been touted on these forums (and from some industry people) as being specifically too viscous for use in a bike, but otherwise a very good fuel. I have had Caltex Vortex recommended to me as being a quality fuel for bikes.

    I used BP Ultimate, Mobil 8000 or Vortex with the ZZR250 and she ran beautifully, consistently getting 300km before reserve. Once I even got 350k's out of a tank.

    So far I have only used BP Ultimate and Mobil 8000 in the VFR, it seems to be running well on those.
  14. cars tend to like shell better than bikes, or at least jap bikes. i guess what this shows us is the similarities between harleys and cars :wink: (no really, i'm not having a go...) low revving, bigger components seem to love the denser shell fuel. higher revving smaller components like the less dense fuels (of which BP is apparently about at the top of, and which all of my bikes seem to love).
  15. i have been using shell optimax since i got my bike. not for any particular reason other than its near where i stay.

    the other day, i decided to try somethign else and i used bp ultimate. it was a nearly empty tank when i filled up. after a while of riding i felt the bike was different. dont know if it was merely in my head but i thought it felt like my bike was not as grunty and noisy. I was not too happy about that.

    But i went for a bit of a ride on sunday and discovered that it was not what i thought. the power delivery was a lot smoother and consistent. it was less noisy which is a tad sad but the voice of the bike has got lower and clearer.

    not sure if its all in my head but that what it felt like.
  16. RON explained

    Basically, bikes and cars that have engines with average compression ratios [generally older engines], wont get any power benefit from using the higher RON fuels. You probably will get some benefit from the additives though which might help clean the system up a bit.

    OK noobs, if you want to know about RON, sit tight and hold on. I'll try not to get toooo technical.

    Refer to this excellent animation: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/engine1.htm first to get an idea about what actually happens in an engine... now read on.

    The higher the RON rating of a fuel, the more you can compress the fuel air mixture before it autoignites. Reread and understand. (More info here: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/question90.htm )

    See, if a fuel ignites too soon, amongst other things, it can destroy your engine. That's bad. What you want, is to let the spark plugs ignite the fuel/air mixture at the right point in the engine cycle. This is good.

    Why do you want to compress the fuel so much?? Well, the higher you can compress the fuel/air mixture, the more efficient the combustion will be and the more of the fuel's energy you can utilise. Reread and understand. See some fuel always remains unburnt and goes out the exhaust... that's wasted bucks... so if you can compress it higher, you can burn more of it and less is wasted.

    To overstate the obvious then, the more of the fuel you can burn, the less of it you actually need... That's why oil companies claim that higher RON fuels are more efficient and more powerful, because with the right engine [i.e. high compression ratios], you can actually burn more of the fuel, therefore using more of the fuel's available energy THEREFORE actually needing less of it to turn the engine. The key is "with the RIGHT engine" - i.e. a high performance engine.

    Oil company advertising leaves the public with the perception that the higher RON fuels are more powerful - this is NOT necessarily so. (ok for those in the know, I've steered away from the slightly higher energy density of higher RON fuel's - OK... so sue me...)

    Clear as mud??



    p.s. my 9R almost runs exclusively on shell stuff and has never had a problem...

  17. Bloody hell, whats your second job? Listening out for Timmy to cry from the bottom of the well. You can hear all that withyour helmet on and wind rushing passed you?

    Maybe i'm just not as attentive as some? :( :( :(
  18. Ahh Ethanol in fuel - it's always going to give you worse fuel economy for the simple fact that the energy content of ethanol is less than half that of petrol. So a 10% ethanol blend=5% increase in fuel consumption unless the engine is modified to suit the higher octane in which case the increase in power might even things out. Other than that just stick to what works, personally I only use premium since the consistency of octane rating of standard unleaded is quite simply crap in this country and the bike's not using much fuel so the price difference means very little (rather pay a little bit more than risk engine damage through pre-ignition).
  19. haven't you heard? already got timmy out....

    looking for new second job. :p
  20. Not only does my VTR250 run better on Mobile 8000, but I get better milage too, making it work out about the same cost per Km. Probably.