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premimum fuel in a spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spada stunter, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. i put some prem in today. neva had it in before and fk you can tell the difference, is it ok to run prem in a v twin like mine.
    got a new top speed today on that fuel. 170kph is quick 4 a spada

  2. VTR250 runs better on it too.

    Not sure if I *should* be or not tho :/

    I get better milage too. ;)
  3. Nope, no harm in running a higher octane fuel - eventually you just reach a point where going any higher in octane rating doesn't give any benefits, it just costs money.
  4. fair nuff so prem it is. think i seen u at the lights the other day jd. i was on my bike turning on to sturt u were crossing it...wa that u??
  5. Could have been me - quite often cross Sturt St, although there is a larger Katana that lives in Sebas that looks a lot like mine (same colour). Don't remember seeing any Spadas recently but you can pick me by the fact that my helmet is the same metallic red as my bike - and I have a Ventura bag which lives almost permantly on the back of the bike.
  6. i was told it makes no difference might have to try it
  7. I was told by some people not to run prem, something about running to rich and would clog my carbies or something to that effect. after a while my bike had problems starting cause of sh*t buildup on the spark plugs.
  8. My Spada runs much worse with premium. She's not built to run with it.

    Harder to start (needing choke all the time), noticeably less power.

    And I've easily got the Spada up to 180klicks, and I'm 100kg.
  9. hmmm. what are you running? or my spada might just be F****d, im 110kg and the most i can get out of her is about 90-100k top gear at about 9000revs

    this is depressing

    tho shes in getting work done as we speek, new cam chains,air filter,brake pads,oil.

    so will see when shes back.
  10. 9000 revs on the Spada?

    Redline on the Spada is 17000 revs. (I think)

    14000 revs is fine.
  11. cam chains were not the greatest, i didnt like to push it.

    but we will see, when shes home :)
  12. Optimax will do that (Shell even admit to the fact) since it has a higher density - therefore without rejetting the carbs will put in the same volume of fuel, but you'll get a greater mass (ie it'll run rich). Only real difference between premium and standard unleaded is in resistance to pre-ignition, it shouldn't affect how rich/lean the engine runs. Incidentally standard unleaded is set to be phased out eventually (basically because it's crap) so better get used to the idea of running on premium.
  13. Spada's a 17 year old bike. She was never built to run on Premium :)

    If my Spada is still running fine in 10 years time, then I'll worry about the lack of normal unleaded.
  14. Probably be sooner than that. Euro 4 standards for cars come into effect in 2008 - no car has been able to meet these using standard unleaded. Since no new cars will run on standard after 2008 expect servos to start phasing it out. The age of your bike has nothing to do with octane requirements - Japan's been using unleaded for the past 30 years (available in 91-100 octane). But yes most bikes would have been designed to run on 91.
  15. I run premium in my Spada all the time. I find that it increases power (noticably) and increases fuel economy (not by much, its only a 9 litre tank after all!). Havn't noticed any bad side effects as yet but like Kaer said, they are old bikes designed to run on regular unleaded so keep up to date with maintenance just to be sure.