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Premature tyre wear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nettles6, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone

    Im having some tyre wear issues with my 250 road bike. I put BT45's front and rear on the bike in november and since then have only done about 3000 km's.

    The issue that im having is with the front tyre. the leading edge of each of the treads has risen about 1.5 mm's above the remainder of the tread blocks. the blocks also seem rough. Is there a name for this type of wear pattern?

    Although the bike is still handling quite well and the tread depth is more than adequate im wondering if i should be looking at replacing the front in the near future? My riding style would best be described as energetic so i havent ridden the bike upright much.

    Im sorry if this has been listed on the forum in the past. This is my first bike and first set of tyres. Any help that you guys can give i will really appreciate it.

  2. Many front tyres do develop a scalloped wear pattern as you describe, although 3000 km is a bit early for it to be obvious. Keep the tyre pressures to spec and think about having the wheel balanced and your fork oil changed.

    Possible exaggerating factors are wheel bearing wear, steering head bearing wear/adjustment and swing arm bearing wear/adjustment.

    Regardless, as long as the pattern is symmetrical from side to side, there is unlikely to be anything fundamentally wrong with your bike, like a bent frame.