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Prelearners this arvo, does it still go ahead if it rains?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. So im doing my prelarners this afternoon and the weather isnt looking to good at the moment in Sydney. Looks like its about to come down in buckets. Just wondering if it rains, does it still go ahead? Doesnt say anything on the confirmation sheet except for the P's test.

    Thanks, Jerome.

  2. It went ahead for me... It was actually pretty fun.

  3. Cheers just wanted to make sure. Didnt want to spend 2 hours travelling there to find out its cancelled. Rain, hail or shine it doesnt matter, i wanna go anyways :D
  4. Yup its rain hail or shine , rained at my pre learners too, not really a big deal though.
  5. I got rained on for my Learners. But we were under a motorway. So as we were riding around it was wet then dry then wet then dry... So that got kinda annoying.
  6. a Man! Was abit harder with the rain, on two occasions I was thinking **** my hands are cold then the next minute im flying towards the gutter yet managed to save myself. Was worried they mightnt let me continue but they did. I just hope I pass day two. Im probably the shittest rider there, everyone else has previous experience and drives whereas I dont so they got the upperhand.
  7. Haha

    rain hail ride ride

    My wifey failed her p test in the sunshine and re dis it in the pouring rain

    And passed fine. Haha

    15 years ago. :)
  8. my Ls and Ps days are still by far the wettest I've ever gotten while riding. Go figure.
  9. Well passed it today so all good. Did afew more mistakes, one ended up with my flying to the same gutter as yesterday and another towards a roller door but I managed to save myself. Am I ready for the public road? Not imo, ill be practicing in the backstreets and the carpark near my house before I venture onto busy multilane roads I think. Now to pass the computer test, get a bike and some gear within in the next few weeks :D
  10. Well done mate... just try practicing away from gutters and roller doors :)
  11. top effort Romie =D>