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PreLearners Done!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by carpetbelly, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Chuffed it's all done and had a blast!
    Was doing it down in Botany with Stay upright. Had 'Dave' as the instructor. Looked like an older hippy and really nice guy.

    Really glad the group I was in didnt have the other instructor who seemed to shout and generally look like a moody and grumpy guy.

    Even though it was pissing down on saturday it was still good fun. Much nicer weather today and glad to get the little bit of paper. Booked in for the Rider Knowledge test on tuesday and looking forward to the first chance I get to ride my new ride hehe :D
  2. Welcome to the fold :D You only need to book in for knowledge tests on Saturday mornings, at other times you can simply drop in to the RTA.
  3. really? lol oh well, tuesday would be the earliest I could get to an RTA anyway so not much of an issue anyway. Long day at work tomorrow it will be...

    Though one thing confused me a little. The instructor seemed confident that if you're over 25 or 30 (been a long night so cannot remember that bit, either way I fit both :() then you only have to do P1s. I was sure you needed a full license for that one but I'll go check. Better if not to have to do P2s but hey, I was expecting it so if he's right then it will be better than expected hehe.
  4. Found on this page on the RTA website
    It used to be 30 years or older but it was lowered Jun 2009.
  5. gonna sound like a woman here but woohoo, I was right... but boo to being right lol. It was more the fact you need the full aussie drivers license which I don't have so I'll have to do the P2s. Meh, I was expecting it but the instructor had me tihnking I had a chance I wasnt going to. Oh well, easy come, easy go... :D
  6. I have a question, I turned 16 in february this year, is that old enough to go for my motorbike licence?
    I live in south australia btw.
  7. wahey, went to do the on screen test, new mugshot and new license picked up :D
    Bike also reg transferred to my name!

    Get to go for a spin after work!!! Well, spin as in the channel 7 building car park right behind me pretty much hehe for some practise :D
  8. Some good info reading this thread.

    The girlfriend and I are going for our pre-learners at the end of May! Agh I wanted to go sooner but she is full on with uni. Excited for ya mate!
  9. trust me, the time will fly by quick enough... has done for me!
  10. had my first little ride, only half an hour up and down some streets and round the block a few times... prob only got up to 50 but man, fun! Was really nervous at first, but settled into it a bit more nearer the end.

    Then just got a bit too tired so thought leave it for another day at least the first ride is done and out of the way and I am happy with it.
  11. welcome to riding mate! good job on going home when you got tired :D

    Spend some time getting comfortable with the bike, only venture out on the road when you are a little worried about it :D