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Prelearner at Botany, getting there with public transport

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Romie, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Hi, im doing my prelearner this weekend at Botany training centre on Lord Street (Sydney). Just wondering if anyone has been here and used public transport? I dont drive so not sure how to get there apart from maybe a train to rockdale/kogarah and then catch a taxi there and back home after it finishes for both days. Hoping they might have buses closeby or something to make my life easier.

    Anyhelp would be great, thanks.
  2. hey romie,
    if its that huge RTA down there it's easy to get to. either down botany road or turn off the freeway to the airport ( southern cross drive and take the exit to botany st - taxi easy this way. )

    it will help to know where you are coming from but i will take a guess if you start at circular quay. a bus goes straight there...via a quick check on sydney buses site from circular quay to lord st is here ( click on link below )

    looks like 309 or 310 bus...scroll down for bus options...you can also change times etc for arrival near course starting time. get there 15 early, ive heard at parra they dont let you in if on time or late...good luck
  3. Thanks for the reply. that bus timetable makes it easier. Ill check it out tomorrow and see if I can work something out. Im coming from sutherland direction (unfortunately no spots at loftus) so catching a taxi there should be easy. More worried for the way home as ive had bad luck getting picked up with taxis with long waiting times pretty common but maybe as its near the airport that wouldnt be much of an issue. At worse, by looking at google maps I reckon I could walk to the airport international trainstation within 30 minutes if I get stranded lol.
  4. trip planner on sydney buses lets you put in all the info, where from to where to!

    good luck!
  5. get the train to central station then get the 309 or 310 straight down botany road, easy as will save you a cab fare. I think the buses leave from eddy avenue but am not 100% sure, been a few years since i lived in sydney
  6. Man, how'd you manage to book at the Botany place? I was refreshing RTA's test page for weeks and couldn't get a spot!

    But yea, use the 131500 site to plan your trip on how to get there. Not sure if I did it right, but:
    There's quite a bit of walkin involved :-O
  7. If you're coming from Sutho you can get off at Redfern and get a 309 or 310 from Redfern St, there's a bus stop just around the corner from the RTA on Botany Road opposite the VW dealership. On the way back you'll need to walk to the bus stop outside Botany public school, about 2 minutes walk.
  8. Just like I guess. Went to the rta at miranda and the ladyt was checking all the training centres and botany one had 1 spot left within the next 60 days on the long weekend afternoon. Would of prefered loftus as its closer.

    Thanks for the help, makes my life easier now. Never knew about that trip planner site before. Thanks emax for the bus info :). Lets hope I pass first go :D