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N/A | National Prejudice is Rife

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cascade63, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. After 4 years without a car in my name (always had a bike and wife had the cars ) I went and picked up a second hand ute. Yep no problem, organized insurance over the phone and all is good.

    Got a letter yesterday asking for proof of my maximum no claim, ahhh shit forgot to sort that out before I went up north. No problems I tell them, will just get hold of Swann to send something through.

    This is where the problem started, this mob do NOT accept motorcyle insurance as proof of No Claim Bonus.

    WTF ?????

    Just another anti motorbike angle from society.
  2. Who was the insurer?
  3. Budget Direct ( A & G )
  4. I don't really agree.

    When you get MC insurance, it usually doesn't take into account car insurance and vice versa. The two forms of transport are different and the insurance risks are different. Just because you are a good driver, it doesn't mean you are a good/low risk rider and vice versa.

    The reasons for policies like that are very rarely, if ever political and almost always put in through the actuarial work that has been done.
  5. ^^^^^the resident expert may be correct.
    Paper work shits me,I just use the same insurer for all my stuff.
    Couldnt give a stuff on price,not during drinking hours anyway.
  6. Not really me - but have a family member who you could say knows a thing or two about that sort of stuff. I think its all a bit boring actually, but actuaries generally are
  7. Sorry to say it, but that's what you get from going to a direct insurer like that...

    Insurance isn't about price. It's about service. More importantly, claims service!
  8. aye, get a broker!
  9. aami accepted my shannons bike history without question for the car. So did allianz for that matter.

    you're talking to the wrong crowd - the same as the ones who make clarkson go through 25 minutes of crap only to tell him they don't insure that kind of car.

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance or stupidity.
  10. Funny thing is I would expect that a good motorcycle no-claims history is a sign of a much better history than a car one...

    After all, if we go by the TAC then one year no-claims on a bike should be the equivalent of 38 years in a car...
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  11. All comments duly noted. Being my naive self with these matters I guess just expected too much for my money.
  12. Interesting..
    I can remember Swann asking if I'd had any car claims when insuring my bike....

    I'll finish with an ol cliche, oils aint oils...
  13. AAMI and Shannons will usually cross over like that as they are all owned by the Suncorp. So is Insure My Ride, GIO, VERO, APIA and Just Car Insurance.
    There is not as much competition in the Australia insurance industry as people assume.
  14. Ah, but insurance companies work in real figures, not fairy tales.
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  15. or, to put it another way, and with much wider application to much of the hysteria about riders and riding on Netrider, "given the choice between a conspiracy and a stuff-up, go with the stuff-up every time"
  16. Just because a brand is owned by the same parent company, does not mean that there isn't brand competition. And yes, I am speaking from experience here.
  17. when I first insured a bike my 60% no claim bonus from car insurance carried through. I don't know about going the other way.

    My advice, shop around....