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pregnat rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sijara, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Hello!!! I didn't ride to much. I.m just was tried... Good my husband catch me when, I press gas to much! :)))))))))))
    My husband is so crazy with bikes- he bring to home 3-th bike! Who will ride?! I'm pregnat now! Just may be 10 km/h .... I ask, why we need 3 bike? He answer- one is for bush-riding. Anyway I think one bike have to sell...

    Now I have one question. One day police was explained what we can't ride without rego even at the bush. They said- only if you with some club... Which club I have to join to ride in the bush without rego?
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Funnily enough that was also my response!

    I thought it was "che?" though? Clearly i have no idea!
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. c'mon guys, be nice!

    Google "motorcycle clubs sutherland shire" and see if a dirt-bike club pops up, contact them and see what they do.

    But, seriously, my dear, you should NOT be riding while you are pregnant [-X
  6. Pcyc lucas heights have a dirt bike club (used to live there ) from memory
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Sijara.

    For the curious:
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  8. Technically it's "¿qué" (just to keep any native Spanish speakers happy :))
  9. Oh yes, and to the OP.

    Mirë se vini, مرحبا, bari galoust, xos gelmissiniz, i bisimila, akwaba, ongi etorri, Шчыра запрашаем, swagata, amrehba sisswène, ani kié, dobro došli, degemer mad, добре дошъл, kyo tzo pa eit, benvinguts, marsha vog'iyla, ulihelisdi, bonavinuta, dobrodošli, vítejte, pô la bwam, bonvenon, tere tulemast, gabitê, vælkomin, tervetuloa, bienvenue, binvignut, benvido, bin la v'nu, mobrdzandit, Καλώς ήλθατε, eguahé porá, mikouabô, bienvéni, e komo mai, brouha aba-a, swaagat, tos txais, üdvözlet, i biala, selamat datang, fáilte, benvenuta, yôkoso, amrehva ysswène, suor sdei, murakaza neza, 환영합니다, nodé, bi xer hati, gnindi ton hap, gratus mihi venis, laipni lūdzam, أهلا وسهلا, benvegnûo, boyeyi bolamu, sveiki atvykę, dobredojde, tonga soa, swagatham, merħba, haere mai, miawezon, Тавтай морилогтун, ne y waoongo, namaste, Табуафси, khoshumadi, witaj, bem-vindo, mishto-avilian tú, bine ai venit, добро пожаловать, afio mai, susu mai ma maliu mai, dobrodošli, karibu, bhali karay aaya, aayuboovan, vitame vás, dobrodošla, zupinje z te videtite, soo dhawaw, bienvenida, wilujeng sumping, maligayang pagdating, maeva, nal-varravu, rahim itegez, swagatham, ยินดีต้อนรับ, tashi delek, malo e lelei, hosgeldiniz, gazhasa oetiśkom, laskavo prosymo, khush amdeed, hush kelibsiz, chào mừng cô mới ðến, croeso, bel bonjou, dalal ak diam, ékouabô and welcome to NR.

    (Happy now Hornet :p).
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  10. Yessiree bob, a world record for commas in a paragraph.

  11. Hahahhaha couldn't stop laughing when I saw those pics
  12. <self removed>
  13. amazing what you can achieve with babel fish
  14. I actually used Freelang.net.
  15. Giving birth in the back of a car is feasible, but on a bike???
  16. I would practice with a box full of pregnant cats attached 1st. But im not a doctor just deeply disturbed
  17. No, not more kittens, please.
  18. Welcome to Netrider Sijara.
  19. She never once said she was pregnant. she is Pregnat.. .. this is a very different thing.. i dont know what it is.. but since there is nothing really similar to being pregnant... i can only assume that Pregnat is something very different.
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