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Pregnant Women Myth

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. hey guys, just wanted to share a silly thing with you. and maybe cause a smile or 2 which will make me a happier man. anyways, when i was growing up there was always a myth going around about pregnant women having a special connection with the future. simply put they ccan forsee future. so after watching fair few episodes of mythbusters i got lil bored at work and decided to bust a myth myself. there's a pregnant lady on my team at work so she volunteered. what i did??? i went straight downstairs to the news agent and a got a tats lottery ticket for this saturday draw with a jackpot of 20 mil!!! and asked her to fill in. the deal is simple: she fills out the numbers, i pay for the ticket and we split everything in half!!! the funny thing is that as soon as my supervisor found out he wanted in on equal rights.
    anyways, good luck to me and i guess i'll see you somewhere in the carribean!!!!

  2. better buy tickets in the next few incase she is seeing to far into the future :p
  3. My mum was pregnant six times and used to put tattslotto on every week...never won a cent. :? Sorry if that kinda spoils any hopes you have. :p

    She did win $200 on a scratchie once. Back then for whatever reason you had to pick your winnings up from Melbourne - so she sent Dad to do it - with strict instructions to bring the $$ home so she could pay bills with it etc etc. He took me and one of my little sisters with him. He collected the money and then decided to shout us out to a trip to the zoo. And on the way home he pulled into Macca's for tea. :woot:

    Got home and she asked where the money was. lol.
  4. It's not that they're clairvoyant, it's just that "a pregnant woman is never wrong." :LOL:

    Don't mess with them. They're full of hormones.
  5. bloody oath! from what i have heard, a charging elephant is more pleasent and less vicious.
  6. and once they start, they never stop moaning.....
  7. Hang on ...hang on everyone Little Johnny's got a question

    How do you make a hormone?

    Can anyone tell him?

    Is any one game?
  8. kick her in the *bleep*

    But back to the OP, if knocked up women could tell the future then explain the zillions of single mums who failed to foresee that hubby pissed of with another bloke or hubby blew the joint account at crown, surely they would have had a termination if they saw that coming, anyways i have heard that abortions tickle, can anyone shed some light on this.
  9. Trust me, if this is true, then she 'saw' you coming and went and bought her own ticket after work with the correct numbers! :grin: :p
  10. Because most of theses women are leaving their perfectly good male partners who dont cheat on their girlfriends and are good providers, because their girlfriends are now single and they think they're missing out on all this fun dating different men so they want to do it also.