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Pregnant British woman may face the firing squad.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, May 4, 2009.

  1. Pregnant Briton may face firing squad
    Monday, May 04, 2009 » 10:06am

    A campaign has begun to save a pregnant Briton from facing a firing squad when she goes on trial for smuggling drugs in the Far East.

    Samantha Orobator, 20, was arrested at Wattay Airport in Laos in August last year allegedly in possession of 1.5lb (680g) of heroin after a holiday in Thailand and the Netherlands.

    She has been held since her arrest at the notorious Phonthong prison, where she became pregnant in December and where inmates have complained of being beaten and abused.

    Orobator, from south London, lived in both Camberwell and Peckham before going first to Ireland, where her mother Jane Orobator, and three young sisters live.

    Reprieve legal director Clive Stafford Smith said her trial had been brought forward after arrangements were made for her to see a lawyer for the first time.

    He said: 'It's pretty shocking that they would do that apparently to avoid her seeing a British lawyer before she has to go to trial. The notion that no lawyer should be appointed to defend her is outrageous.'

    He said she was 'certainly not guilty' and had originally told police the drugs were not hers.

    In Laos, people caught with more than 1lb (0.5kg) of heroin face a mandatory death sentence.

    Mr Stafford Smith added: 'We're dealing with a woman who has clearly become pregnant in prison. Nothing that happens in that prison is voluntary.'

    Ronke Oseni, 21, a psychology student at Kingston University, has known Orobator for 11 years and said her friend would never take drugs.

    She said: 'There is no one there to visit her, no one to talk to, she doesn't speak the language. I'm really scared for her. I can't even imagine what she's going through.

    'The punishment does not fit the crime. They want to shoot her but what about the baby?'

    Miss Oseni said Orobator had led a troubled life and had made several suicide attempts in the past, adding: 'She suffered from low self esteem because she suffered a lot of abuse by men, by family, by friends.'

    Labour MP Stephen Pound, vice chair of the all party group on the death penalty, said the situation 'cannot be over-dramatised'.

    He said: 'A young woman who is now pregnant, is in prison in the most inhumane circumstances, and is facing the death penalty by firing squad.'

    Earlier a Foreign Office spokeswoman said: 'We are paying close attention to her welfare and are in discussion with the Laotian authorities about her case.'

    The British Government only learned of Orobator's situation several months after her arrest.

    Mr Stafford Smith said the Laotian government's 'excuse' was apparently that it did not have a fax machine. There is no British Embassy in Laos and the nearest is in Thailand.
  2. I have very little sympathy for people in this position.
    They know the laws when they go there and they have to face the consequences. The fact she is pregnant is immaterial.

    Time and again these people , for whatever reason , break these laws in the coutries where harsh punishments are very well publicised then plead with their prospective goverments to bail them out of the shite they have got themselves into.

    If you get caught with drugs in the far east , you die , simple as and tough luck if your greed for money gets you caught.
  3. Looking forward to the "Banged Up Abroad" episode.
  4. the drugs issue aside, lets ASSUME she is innocent and they weren't hers or planted or something, getting raped in a prison (assuming it was the guards if its a female only prison) is pretty fukn horrible and then getting pregnant from it adds to the pain (though may save her life??)...

    This should create a media storm for a few weeks...
  5. She was not pregnant before she was put in prison. The implication is that she was r@ped in there.
    There are instances where drug smugglers will plant drugs on an innocent person, and then steal them back at the other end of the journey so they aren't taking the risk [never leave your bags unattended!] of getting caught with them.
    The country where she is locked up appears to be attempting to try her for the crime too quickly for her to have any legal assistance.

    It does not look like any effort is being made to avoid a miscarriage of justice where there is a capital and final punishment for someone who has probably already been brutalised in prison.

    So yeah; that's a little bit serious and we might want to arc up about it.
    If she gets a fair trial: cool! The law's the law in those countries - you are right.

    But that's not the case.

    However you may dispute her Britishness... her teeth are a little too white and straight...
  6. Ive read my earlier post again and cant see where I questioned her Britishness.
  7. I am guessing that the fact she was r@ped and became pregnant may be why this is being fast tracked, it was probably hoped this could have been gotten out of the way before to much noise occurred over the mistreatment in gaol.
  8. A poor sense of humour often coincides with a lack of empathy. :p
  9. why people risk their lives over drugs is beyond me
  10. Addiction can be a powerful compulsion.

    But some drug 'mules' are tricked into it, don't actually know they are trafficking drugs, or have been blackmailed.
  11. Where is there the slightest suggestion that her pregnancy was the result of sexual assault???

    See why we don't allow 'Rider Down' threads :roll:?????
  12. You are correct it doesn’t explicitly state it, but…
    This does imply it fairly directly
  13. That implies nothing
  14. exactly, wild-arse guesses, just like what we have on any rider down thread

    So what if inmates claim they have been abused? There probably isn't a prison anywhere in the third world where prisoners AREN'T abused. But there is NOT an implication in that statement that THIS prisoner is pregnant as a result of abuse; the assumption makes good press, but it is rubbish. She is far more likely to be pregnant as a result of consensual sex with a guard in the hope of gaining some favourable treatment. (MORE assumption :LOL:).
  15. Paul, you said arse. You are becoming a filthy man like me.

    You should say "bottom"
  16. wild-posterior guesses?

    you people are corrupting me :rofl:
  17. it was always going to happen. Just don't get on the drugs.
    I am connecting a statement together in that manner and you call it a wild arsed guess.
    You believe in a Virgin birth and creationism for F#$ks sake.

    Get off your high horse reverend.
  19. In case you hadn't noticed, this is a DISCUSSION forum. Someone poses an idea, we discuss it. Half-baked theories are being put about, I am questioning their veracity. What I believe about other matters has NOTHING to do with an OPINION expressed in this thread.

    If you can't handle the fact that I hold opinions that you don't, perhaps growing dahlias or something less stressful than this sort of forum is more appropriate for you.

    And given your recent efforts, and the public censure they drew, I would have thought it was in your best interests to keep a low profile on the provocation front for a while.
  20. sic'em paul