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Preferred defense force?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by abvc, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Army

  2. Navy

  3. Air Force

  1. If allowed to choose, which force would you interest in, and why?

  2. Army.

    Because ships and planes are easier to hit with a missile than 1 bloke, hiding in a deep hole in the ground, dressed as a nun.
  3. Airforce but not as a pilot, rather ground crew watching the beasts take off and land.
  4. Please add an option for Jedi.
  5. Also, an option for Get fcuked, I Ain't Joining No Defence Force!
  6. Army - chose army cos the green matches my eyes.

    (was in for 6 yrs)
  7. none

    I was Army for 7 and half years

    the military of any sort is no place for a person with his own brain
  8. At one stage I was considering joining the airforce - on the basis that it had greater emphasis on technology, and less emphasis being able to wash decks or dig holes.

    Of course in the end I decided I liked thinking for myself far too much.
    So given the choice now I would say none of the above - unless they wanted me as a civilian consultant (in which case the answer would be whichever one offered the most money :)).
  9. Whereas your particular brand of church is. :?
  10. touche.

    Double touche.....
  11. stupidest comment of the year, so far, I'm sure you'll exceed it soon :roll:
  12. Navy, wouldn't mind playing with those spanish AEGIS equipped frigates.
  13. Yes so stop making them.
  14. It was an unnecessary broadside from smee, but he does have a point.

  15. Air Force. I see they are advertising for Air Combat Officers.
  16. I voted for Navy.
    I'm a keen fisherman and I've seen some pics of the fish our navy blokes catch off our ships.
    I'll post a couple later after I've photoshoped the faces out.
  17. which is, along with your's, nothing to do with the topic, and everything to do with feathering your egos
  18. Sure.

    So are you going to go back to that other topic and talk about things that are relevant, like your two world government claim?
  19. Nothing to do with ego and plenty to do with irony.
    Look it up Paul.
  20. If this - "the military of any sort is no place for a person with his own brain" -isn't an ego feathering statement, then I don't know what is!?! :shock: