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N/A | National Predictions - be proactive?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by brownyy, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Heya all;

    While I haven't kept a close eye on the finer details of the political action occuring in AU at the moment I have been checking in here regularly and keeping a rough idea of what is happening. What did catch my eye this morning was smee's post;

    This got me thinking, thinking of another weapon or salvo we can use as ammunition, possiably.

    We all know that the gumberment, TAC and VicPigs have their own agenda that they claim they don't. Profits, anti-motorcycling, whatever they are, we all seem to have these ideas and views in our mind, and trying to convince the beige socity out there is of course going to be, of course difficult. So if we have these ideas, why not use them??


    Let me draw you back to November 2007, before I started riding motorcycles. Anyone remember;

    National Bingo Night was a show that (to some debate) was rigged. Now while I've searched the web for the news segment (ACA CH-9) I can't find it. Story short the tickets that were coming out in the newspaper were rigged so that you would only just loose, one number/letter away. Some smart dude, brought this to the attention of the other TV network media (CH-7), and using the tickets in the paper, he could predict the numbers for the upcoming show. As a result, CH-7 took him to the Melbourne Cup, and took footage of him predicting the numbers that would appear in a few days time. CH-7 kept this footage until after the bingo show aired, and launched their salvo at CH-9.

    The part I'm trying to draw attention to you is this; the footage CH-7 took at the Melbourne Cup. It was clear and evident that it was the Melbourne Cup and that this footage could not (easierly) be faked, at that time and date.

    Now, we have predictions, can we use them??

    If a few of the smart beans out there can sit down and think out some sensiable policatical useable predictions, why not make a video explaining the predictions before a news artical is aired? Getting the Predictions Right and Proactive for us is vitial but it's not the only part.

    Someone will need a sensiable back drop to varify the time & date the video was made. Now while we only have one Melbourne Cup, we have something that occurs everyday, the news on free to air TV.

    Why not film someone standing next to their TV just before the news is aired, read out the predictions and other polical messages, and film the news starting? There will need to be some more thought into this; if you film just before the news article your targeting (for instance, the recent filtering article), you'll need to edit/upload/release the video pretty damn quick, and possiably find a better way to prove the date. If you release the video before the target news article (say 1-2 days in advance), I don't believe the date proof isn't as vitial but still needed.

    Anyone still following what the hell I'm on about?

    Tell me your thoughts, this could just be another one of my retarded ideas yet again, or it could be morphed into something better, who knows?

    If we have some solid predictions, damming predictions, why not use them as evidence / ammo and add fuel to our political fire? Thoughts?

    If this idea turns out to be a pretty shit one, oh well. It's all about statistics, 1000 great ideas and surely a few good ones will emerge. If you have an idea, regardless of if you think it's stupid or not, why not discuss it here or publicly and who knows, it could be silver bullet in our fight against the f-wits.

    ...and if anyone is wondering why I'm not doing this, a) I'm not smart enough to make sensiable predictions, and b) the sun is currently setting at 4pm where I am.
  2. The predictions thing is interesting, I just don't see where you are going with the post (how does it relate to biking?)
  3. Why the elaborate scenario with the news. Posts here are timestamped.

    I predict that compulsory ABS won't be an issue.
  4. I get where you're coming from Brownny.

    Basically, from what I can gather, he is saying we should predict the outcome for the TAC "survey" or any other campaign they run, because we already know what the answer will be and what they will try to do with it...

    Why do this you ask? To try and prove that their system of collecting data is flawed and constructed in such a way as to generate the result they want. Try and prove they are choosing facts to suit the theory, rather than theory to suit the facts!

    EDIT: Problem is, they have brainwashed so many people and have so many beige cardie's on their side, that if we predict their outcome, they'll use it against us and say - so you already knew motorcycling was blah blah blah and you have 38 times the blah blah. Then they will say we admit to the results they have provided, which will be used against us when it comes time for the TAC to submit reccomendations to parliment for laws etc...
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  5. I predict there will be a TAC media campaign start tomorrow (Monday 14/11/11).
  6. yep, got it in one.

    What I'm trying to say is, basically when the TAC or whoever line up a shot at us, we get prepared with a fancy video which effectively fires their shot directly at themselves.

    This was my other problem and thought. Fighting the beige. This is why I posted it up and thought some other minds might have some better ideas or views points.
  7. I predict that now that Ken Lay has got the top job, motorcyclists will be demonised and harassed.

    (Nah seriously, that job will probably fall to the next contenders in the queue, if they so choose. We are beneath KL's lofty dignity now).
  8. 'Tis indeed a conundrum! ](*,)