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Predicament - bike purchase

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by James_Syd, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am purchasing the bike in armidale (I'm from Sydney).
    My issue is the settlement (exchange) of the bank cheque and the transport company having the bike, as I am not there I can't hand the seller a bank cheque once I see the bike on the truck. What options do you think I have for my peace of mind and the sellers. I don't know the seller at all and won't know the truckie either so I think I am stuck in hoping that the seller. Does the right thing!

    Any advice?
    Thanks, James.
  2. i would be very reluctant to do any transaction unless i am there in person handing over cash
  3. Is it at all possible for you to go up with the transport company when they go to pick it up?
  4. Any exchange of money for goods should, ideally, be done in person. Isn't there any way that you can get up there and take care of it yourself? It'd be worth the inconvenience and expense to ensure your peace of mind, I'd have thought. Find a mate with a ute and some tie-downs and go get the thing yourself.
  5. Well at the moment this is my option:

    I organsie for transport on set date. On that date I ring the transport company head office and they call the driver to confirm what time he is expecting to pick up the bike, I then let the seller know the time and organise a Bank Cheque at a branch in Armidale which the seller is to pick up about 1 hour before the truckie is due to pick up the bike. (Most of you will be saying ohh no here). People say a Bank Cheque is as good as cash which technically it is, however if I don't receive confirmation from the truckie that the bike is actually on his truck (call the headoffice again of the transport company and then they will contact the truckie to confirm pickup.) If this isn't confirmed then I can cancel the bank cheque.

    At the moment I have no other option of doing the transaction, as I can get the truck and the bike together at the same time just can't get the cheque there with someone I trust to hand over once the bike is on the truck. So I have to put some trust in the seller in a way.

  6. I assume you have already seen the bike in person or have it inspected by someone you trust. Personally, I wouldn't do it this way as I don't want to have any surprise when I get the bike (if I get it).
    What kind of bike is it?
  7. I paid for an inspection to be done by a bike mechanic up there.
    It is a CB400.
    Circumstances have changed over the last couple of hours, I am hiring a trailer and going to go and get it myself with a family friend who knows bikes this Friday.
  8. Good choice. YOU need to be the one with either the cash or the bike, not both, not neither.
  9. We have bikes worth buying up here? Why didn't anyone tell me? Did you buy it privately, or commercially?

    Which mechanic did you have look over it? I'm not sure how familiar you are with Armidale, but we only have 1 official bike store (for sales and service), and they're not great. When you get the bike to your end, you might want to have someone you trust double-check it before you get too carried away.

    I did the opposite: bought a bike from Sydney and had it shipped up here. It was new, so I didn't have quite so many qualms about buying it sight unseen. I paid for the whole lot (bike, on roads, gear, transport) via credit card, and let the dealer sort out the rest. It was still a pain in the butt (especially sorting out the insurance, and signing forms long-distance), but it turned out OK in the end.
  10. I bought it privately... and Sumoto inspected it for me, are they no good?
    It is being serviced next week regardless and I am hoping there are no issues once it gets checked out.
  11. *Gulp*


    May want to do a search in here.

    At least you didn't buy it from them!
  12. Well not what I wanted to read... I suppose its not too bad seeing as they never service the bike and it was never purchased from them even when new.

    I will have a mechanic in Sydney check it out next week and give me the assessment.
  13. Don't panic yet. It may be fine. Sumoto probably do know how to inspect a bike, since it is part of their bread and butter to make assessments. You can give it a quick look when you pick it up anyway, before paying, with your mate as advisor.

    I hope though, that you have done a REVS check, or the NSW equivalent, to make sure the bike is not stolen or financed?
  14. I have the bike already and it has been fine so far only done about 200kms on it since picking it up... My mate took it for a ride when we picked it up and said it was good and a guy at work who has been racing bikes for about 20 years said it was a good buy. I will still have it serviced just to put my mind at ease.