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Precision Engineer and Ducati Enthusiast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sports Motorcycles, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Hello. My name's Glyn Robinson. I'm a precision engineer and have spent my whole life taking apart and putting together motorcycles. Originally from Yorkshire, I now live in Kerikeri, New Zealand, where I run a motorcycle business with a small race team of beautiful Ducatis. We frequent Hampton Downs and Taupo racetrack and made it to Phillip Island earlier this year. Enjoyed it so much and hoping to make it a regular event.

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  2. Howdy and welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome Glyn - you do some nice kit.
    I've done Hampton Downs a few times too, great track.
  4. Hi Glyn!

    What Ducati's are you working on/ racing?
    pic's or it didn't happen! lol
  5. Are you the blokes doing the new versions of Emulators that work on compression and rebound damping,pretty famous name with the Hailwood connection.Thats Steve Win isnt it.
  6. Thank you! Looks like a very busy place!
  7. Welcome, may see you at the Island Classic next year???
  8. As a Mechanical Engineer, "WTF is a Precision Engineer?"
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  9. Welcome aboard :)
  10. Hi! Don't know if I can post photos yet as a newbie, but I'll give it a go! This is one of my babies...

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  11. Yep, that's me! Steve lives just down the road. We used to work together and he very kindly handed me the reins to the old company. He's doing really well - currently building a Tiger Moth. If you track us down on Facebook we've just posted a load of old Mike Hailwood memorabilia, including his TT contract.
  12. One of the Scottish Laverda blokes on The Laverda Forum has bought a set of your emulators after I posted the facebook post linked to me from The Classic Italian Motorcycle club so words is out about your gadgets. I have the racetech ones in 3 of my bikes.I like your new design.Nice F1 as well
  13. Wow...We got celebrities in our midst now

    Welcome to NR..

  14. Niiiiice.
    Welcome :)
  15. gday Sports MotorcyclesSports Motorcycles / Glyn and welcome to NR

    do you nod or eat cake? (sorry, two in jokes around here, you'll see we like a laugh)

    great pic of that duke, thanks for posting up