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preception tip whilst doing a right hand turn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cOS, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. just some advice from what I saw happened last night on the road. for those whom are in NSW and know of the parramatta rd and wattle st corner at haberfield. it is a large 3 lane intersection from all directions. it was around 8:30pm, dark at the time.

    I was heading west on parramatta rd. stopping at the front at the lights, I saw a motorcyclist heading west with his pillion coming from wattle st, turn right onto parramtta rd. I believe he was turn on a yellow light, therefore the last on the intersection. as he was turning into the middle lane, a car was turning left from the other side and just narrowly missed him by inches! the car obviously was suppose to give way, but did not. the motocyclist was very fortunate. i saw his whole bike lit up by the car's headlight alone

    so just abit of advice, we were taught to look far right as possible when turning right. obviously not always the case for a given scenario. so be careful out there and watch for cars turning left from the opposite direction whom are suppose to give way, especially on multi-lane intersections.

  2. Your scenario doesnt make sense..
  3. i probably didn't explain it properly then. if that makes any sense.
  4. That makes sense, because a car turning left in the opposite direction to your travel when you are turning right is NOT required to give way to you unless a traffic control light or sign gives you right of way.
  5. Depending on the situation, the car may have had right of way (unless I misunderstood your description)...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. that intersection is like the first picture, but with multilanes. from the car driver's perspective, he would see the sign "turn left at any time with car". my point was that he didn't do it with care and almost hit the motorcyclist.
  7. At intersections, dont expect anyone to even see you, let alone give way appropriately. This particular senario doesnt help but my simple advice at any intersection is to go slow right down, take the turn carefully while checking for cars at every possible position then leave as soon as you can.

    Speed is for bits in between intersections.

    .. Sigh .. them useless 4-wheeling DIY steamrollers..
  8. Indeed. You can't assume that drivers know how to drive, have seen you or even that they would care if they knocked you off.

    Just ride around them. They're obstacles, nothing more.
  9. quite. moving, heavy, obstacles that occasionally suffer from road rage and motorbikeophobia.
  10. I use that intersection, coming out of wattle st, as that motorbike had been, whenever i head out west, and I had no idea that cars could turn from the ashfield side at the same time as me. I will certainly be more careful there now, and am glad im aware of it.
    Thanks! :)
  11. one day motorbikes will have their own sub graded roads at intersections :p till that costly and uneconomical day, i wait.
  12. I wasn't paying much attention at the time. I was too busy staring at the motorcyclist taking the corner. then all of a sudden another light from my right came screaming across the lane.

    I would have taken the corner just as the motorcyclist took it, no different. just noting to everybody not to take each corner like its granted.
  13. victoria 'the place to be' we dont have to worry about that rule...
  14. Err, yeah we do timbo.

    In those slip-lane conditions, because the slip-lane joins the adjacent road "away from" the corner, the vehicle turning right is deemed to have completed the turn and be proceeding straight when you turn left into them. In most cases (I would love to say all, but I'm careful with absolutes), they will be sign-posted with a "give way" and often the aforementioned "turn left at any time with care" sign.

    A high profile example is turning left from Victoria Parade onto Hoddle.

    Butz. :beer: