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Pre-ride Checks?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CodeBlueChick, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. What do you check before you go on a big ride? I usually check the tyres/ tyre pressure, brakes, chain tension, then lube the chain and look for any obvious oil leaks.. but I do admit, I don't really check the oil level of the bike cos I only have a sidestand and rarely have anyone to hold the bike up for me! When I had a my ZZR250 I would check the oil levels more religiously as she burnt a bit of oil and the battery was an issue if I didn't start for more than 3 days (in winter) :) I have heard of a ride in the past, where a 250 rider lost his chain on the GOR due to rust :shock:

    Soooooooo..what's the bare minimum of checking that you do on your bike? Whats the worst bike maintenance story out there? :)

  2. Pretty much the same as you but I also check fuel (probably obvious so not mentioned), and I do check oil (it can be done by yourself - hold the front brake, crouch beside the bike so you can see the oil viewing glass, and pull the bike up slowly until it is balancing). I also check coolant levels, and brake and clutch fluids (it is a quick glance). In addition tire pressures I will quite often have a look over the tire for general condition and to ensure there is nothing embedded in teh tire (e.g. glass, nail).
  3. and when the bike falling towards you, give it a good hard shove back towards the sidestand :p

    pre-ride checks... I dont do as many as I should for every ride. usually just the chain and a quick look at the tyres. for long rides, I would also check oil, brake fluid and brake pads etc.

    worst maintenance story... I met a friend of a friend last week with an 87 FZR250. He said he hasnt done any maintenance since he owned it, which would explain the filthy black gooey chain and the half-flat front tyre. surprisingly it started first go and idled smoothly! :D
  4. mmmmhhh, *shakes head in disgust*
    I am pretty slack when it comes to checking the bike before going for a ride. I know, one day I will probably pay the price. :?
  5. Exactly! :D
  6. I have a City Sleeker - no chain to worry about :)

    Do check the tyres though... it's the only thing between me and the asphalt.
  7. for me, i give the tyres a kick, yup got air in them ;).. check oil level, check chain both for slak and lube, make sure i have fuel and also check to make sure nothing is loose of falling off.
  8. Have I got enough tinnies?
    Are they wrapped so they will stay cold?
    Are they padded so they don't get shaken too much?
    Are there places along the way I can pick up emergency alcohol?
    Should I put more tinnies in the pannier on the other side for balance (and just in case I run short)?
  9. How's that oil filter going, Deb? :p
  10. In addition to things mentioned above, sometimes, I check that my rear brake light and indicators are working. Just to make sure that my signals are clear to fellow roadusers.
  11. We only have to look at the motorcycle you ride to understand why you do that :p Ahhh, Italian electrics.
  12. Always check the tyres & how much juice I have.

    If you check your bike often & keep all fluid levels correct, chain lubed etc, you don't have as much to worry about if you just want to go out for an unplanned squirt (actually, that sounds a bit gross :D)
  13. Ummm, I wasnt even going to go near this thread but now that you have asked.....
    I have the oil filter
    Now I just need to get the sucker on!!! :LOL:
  14. Ummm, I have been really slack in this area. I really only check my indicators and brake lights before I get out on the bike.

    I have the same problem with no centre stand for checking oil but I will try what has been suggested. I'm pretty slack with tyres too. As for brake fluid, coolant levels, wouldn't know where to start!!

    :D :D
  15. I'm lucky I live close to an autoelectrician who is a whizz with motorcycle electrics.
  16. Interesting that most of the electrics are made by companies not in Italy. Also includes Japanese and German names.
    So I do not think that it is a fair statement.
  17. my pre-ride check consists of 1 important thing

    going for a leak before we leave , otherwise it pig rooting time in the trees 1/2 way around a ride looking for somewhere to have a pee :LOL:
  18. Something to do with a trip to Maroondah Dam birthday boy? :LOL:
  19. This discussion made me realise I need to learn more about my bike.

    When I got home tonight, I got out the owner's manual. I figured out how to check the coolant and brake fluid. Have never done it before and I was amazed where all the bits and pieces were.

    The coolant I had no problem with, brake fluid - front was easy but it took me ages to find that little window for the back. lol!! I sort of sussed out the brakes but not entirely sure how to gauge against some "grooved wear limit line".

    My questions:

    1. Where can I get a decent stand for my bike? Having no centre stand is an absolutely pain. Man, I was sure my bike was going to fall on me when I was checking coolant levels and stuff. Also, with this stand, will I be able to rotate my tyres to check for nails or stuff??? Sorry, if this is a stupid question!!!

    2. What sort/brand of brake fluid do I need to get? The manual states "DOT 4 brake fluid". Never heard of it???? :roll:

    3. The same for oil and coolant??? What sort/brand??? :roll:

    4. Chain adjustment - no idea. How do you adjust it??? Something I don't want to tackle on my own.

    From memory, there was discusion in another post about having some form of a maintenance night??? Well, I'm up for it and I hope one gets organised soon.

    Sorry, if my questions seem silly. :oops:

    :D :D

    PS. Off to put some fuel in my baby and check my tyres!! :)
  20. Hey Lids,hope this helps:

    1. Paddock/race stands are freely available from bike shops,a rear one will cost around $160 They make lubing/cleaning the chain a piece of cake!

    2.Dot 4 is just the specification of the fluid,you can buy any brand,usually best to match whats already in the bike.If your not sure it might be an idea to drain it and fill her up again

    3.I prefer Motul oils myself,but everyone has a particular brand they like. If your not sure what weight oil to buy,the fellas in any shop will help ya.

    4. Chain adjustment is easy when you know how,but would be a bit of a lengthy explaination,best get someone to show ya how!

    Your questions arent silly!If you dont ask you'll never know! :p
    Have fun! (i hate workin on bikes,lol! :p )