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Pre-purchase Inspections

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cam77, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Just thought I'd give a plug to the guys who did my bike inspection. A highly recommendable service for noobs like me who don't know what to look for on a bike.


    They do a 1 hr inspection for $149.95. You get a very thorough full written report. They do a REVS check, then giveyou a recommendation on whether it is decent or not, and what the price SHOULD be. Then they do the haggling for you.

    I'll give you an example. The last bike I looked at a fortnight ago was a '92 GPX 250. After test riding it, I probably could have bought the bike for the $2500 advertised. I saw minimal drop-damage, and I thought it ran OK. I then got MIS to inspect it. They found significant drop damage, buggered shocks, a bent handlebar, worn discs, minor leaks, unbalanced carbs. Oh yeah, and it was not a '92, it was a '91. They talked the guy down to $2000 for me, then advised me the going price was closer to $1500, and not to touch this one with a 40 foot pole.

    Finally I was pointed in the direction of a Spada, which are better bikes anyway!

    I figure that was money well spent.
  2. Incidentally I am picking up the Spada today, so I will let you all now how it goes!
  3. Is there a similar service here in melbourne ?

  4. I know of a bloke who calls himself the mad biker. He does a similar thing to the to people Cam77 mentioned and he will also go out and find the bikes for you. Can't find his number though. Someone else might know of him. Ryde Tech would be able to put you in touch with him.
  5. Did you even look at the link given in the post above yours? There is at least 2 in there :roll:
  6. I'm looking for a similar service in regional Victoria warnambool to be exact. There's a spada going on ebay, but it's all the way out there. Anyone who knows about bikes, lives in the area and can help out a newbie, please PM me. Cheers!