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pre purchase inspections would you get one?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by livingstonest, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I've only been a week without my bike but i desperately want a new one. When i bought my cb250 it was through a dealer and even then a month later the clutch burnt out and i needed new plates.

    This weekend i'm going to inspect a yamaha szr660...this one....
    Hoping to get between $5000-$5300 for it.

    Since i'm still newbie all i can do is test ride it and check for obvious damage.

    Would you recommend for me to get bike inspectors and would you get a bike inspected yourself?
  2. Personally I wouldn't, because I know my way around a bike. For someone that hasn't spent hours in the shed screaming expletives and getting dirty....hire someone to check it out.
  3. yes, i have.

    i'll do it again when the time comes for another bike.
  4. Sh*t yes.

    I am a newbie too. I saved the best part of $1800 on a $2500-advertised GPX (overpriced/work needing to be done).

    I had picked the bike as semi-decent.

    Pity you are in Newcastle, my guy was Sydney based.

    He may come to Newcastle but you would pay $$ for it.